Suzanne Somers Breakthrough Tour Synopsis
Suzanne Somers brings an honest, engaging and often humorous discussion on cancer, aging, the all too often taboo subject of menopause and other pressing women’s issues to the movie screen.

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breakthrough tour

By revruss
Dear Suzanne, Your movie was very informative, interesting, and funny. It was your book "Ageless" that got me started on bioidentical hormones about three years ago.My wife has been has been...

Breakthrough Tour

By rangerchristine
Very informative and as always I learn something new! Suzanne is a champion for women!...

Five Word Review

By clarkk225
Educational Enlightening Scary Motivational Awesome...

Five Word Review

Informative and Inspiring Life Enhancing...

Five Word Review


Review on the Breakthrough Tour by Suzanne Somers

By gyldstrand
iI thought it was great. Having read all her books and passing them along to my friends I thought the movie was very informative and well done. The only problem I had is that my friend and i were the...

She is revolutionary. Must see.

By dlr225
I really enjoyed "Breakthrough Tour" with Suzanne Somers. I absolutely love her, her health discoveries, and her products. She is a favorite person of mine. Health is my passion and she explains...

Suzanne Somers

By lalcamo
It was awesome! i LOVE Suzanne Somers!...

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