didn't like the ending, either!

By love2watchu
Written June 27, 2009
i liked the movie otherwise. best acting i've seen from pullman. different sort of story. i woudn't tell people to go out to watch it, but i enjoyed it for what it was...
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The worst movie ever continued

By snicksthecat
Written June 15, 2009
Good acting, interesting premise, tight action BUT the worst ending in movie history. The movie could be so much better with a change to the last 3 mintues. If they leave the ending this way, there is NO redeeming reason to see this flick. Recommend you stay as far away from this as possible.
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The Worst Movie Ever....

By Blingmommy
Written June 02, 2009
Other than Ishtar. Honestly.
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Five Word Review

By 100percentfilm
Written August 30, 2009
Script director characters locations excellent
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do not see this movie

By jdubyuh
Written September 04, 2009
I created an account here just for this movie. The who-done-it was obvious 15 minutes in. Acting was poor at best. Ending was horrible. Unfortunately you think you put a bunch of names you recognize in a cast and it should be good. Poorly written movie. Probably could find better writing in an adult film. Avoid at all costs. Just because you are the offspring of David Lynch, you shouldn't get a green light on writing and directing a movie. I was giving this movie every chance to redeem itself, it never did. You should find more enjoyment in a Sponge Bob Squarepants marathon.
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