Good, but not great.

By Uber Monger
Written September 26, 2009
Overall, the movie had a great idea going, but just couldn't finish it. Parts of the movie had good twists, but the twists never played out, and neither did most of the plot. Something big and momentous would happen, but that was it, no real depth was given to it. Just the fact that something happened doesn't mean you'll learn any good detail to it. It mostly felt like thoughts about the plot were made, but not acted upon. I guess you were just left wanting a better explanation and more detail. Something definitely felt left out. I would say go see it, but try doing a matinee, because it's not a movie worth the full price of admission.
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Bruce Willis Advancing in His Career...

By the_flick_reviewing_king
Written August 03, 2009
From TV Series to Die Hard series to the Last Boy Scout Bruce Willis has entertained audiences for years and not disappointed very many often. I feel that over the years Bruce Willis has progressed a great deal and dont think that will change any time soon. I believe that this scifi action thriller will be exciting and a successful work for Bruce Willis hes played tons of these roles before. Many are unsure but Im telling you that Im pretty sure this film will not flop its new and creative something the movie buisness needs its not a sequel or a remake its original a word that has slipped out of touch in recent years. I like the idea of this film and think that movie goers should see this film. Im going to. Dont think its quite suitable for young kids though.
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Five Word Review

By wig002
Written September 07, 2009
rip off of short story
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A film created from a world imagined in a graphic novel by Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele

By Spartacus2000
Written September 26, 2009
Surrogate's setting is a world were no one leaves home anymore. People move via robots they control from their homes via robotic “surrogates” which look like you or much better than you. The costumes and make-up are top rated as the actors portray the robots as well as themselves. A lack of special set designed hardly portray a futuristic world setting causing cinematography to suffer and lowering my rating of this film. Highly skilled actors but from my viewpoint the script was not demanding on their acting skills, what a waste. I would not deliberately watch this movie again.I gave the film a GO rating because the setting and the story which is not groundbreacking intrigued me.I think it is a wonderful science-fiction film from the point of the setting.A lack of the rest, leaves room for improvement, could have been much better.But it's smart and enjoyable, and the message is "go outside, nerds!," which is always nice to hear.
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Must see

By cstacy007
Written August 16, 2013
Excellent sifi movie with sweet action scenes and a couple twists and turns that get you thinking
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