Surfer dude?

By meBalzRhairy
Written September 19, 2008
The movie was wrongly titled, it should be surfer kook. What an embarrasing flick, total joke. Walking through an airport with no sandals? He's supposed to be a surfer lol. Going right at Malibu? This "dude" must be laughing all the way to the bank, cuz we laughing for the exit LOL. I hope this movie will discourage more people from surfing...its already way too crowded!!
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By tommyr456
Written June 26, 2013
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Surfer, Dude

By mucho gusto
Written September 09, 2008
I've seen this film twice now in Austin. The first time I was with a crowd who took it too seriously - yet I was laughing the whole time. The second time - the crowd seemed to get the humor and it was a blast. It's very subtle humor - and if you get on board early it - it's a great ride. The story isn't hugely satisfying - but I accepted it because it was so different - and since the goal is to keep the audience guessing what is next - I stayed on board... even when the goats make their grand appearence. I love a story that has you rooting for a guy who, because of a choice made for the right reasons, his world collapses around him ala Jerry MaGuire, The Electric Horseman, and North Dallas Forty. McConaughey gives an honest performance - and holds the line throughout the movie. Woody Harrelson gives an epic stoner performance. Don't let the title fool you. This is a different, unique film - not a laugh out loud romp. Go in with no expectations and take a "cool" ride.
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Surfer, Dude!

By thiland
Written September 09, 2008
I strongly disliked this movie! I've never been one to be bothered by *** and ass, but Surfer, Dude went over the top with them, particularly ***. If it weren't for the ending of this movie, I wouldn't even give it one star, but the ending redeemed the movie somewhat in my eyes. The concept was great - aging, pro surfer has to choose between selling out and staying true to himself and ends up staying true to him self. This could have been effectively demonstrated throughout the movie as it was toward the end and it would have made a great movie. But the writer(s) and director got so caught up fliming the party scene(s) that they lost the story in the process. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED, Tonya Hiland
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Pass the Pot

By jpost
Written September 16, 2008
Not sure whether true surfer athletes want to identify with surfers smoking pot nonstop. The movie did present a great passion to ride the waves, though, which mirrored M. McConaughey's passion expressed during his Newport Beach pre-movie appearance to Just Keep Livin'.
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