i saw this is was great

By moviewatcher41
Written March 27, 2008
yeah i saw this movie last night. i know its not out yet but....you know...lol...this is not like epic movie or date movie. This is just as good as the scary movie seiries. If you liked the scary movie seiries, then you will like this one. the commercals dont make it look good, but i guess they wanted to save the funny parts for the movie
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Horrible!!! Please dont take your kids

By mrebaza
Written March 28, 2008
this had to have been the worse movie I have seen in a long time. I am usually very selective and successful with my selections regarding movies. But this time I let my 8 yr old son convince me that it was going to be a great movie!! SO we went for his birthday party with 5 other kids ages 11 to 4 . Vulgarity, sexual connations and sexual language, a bad spoof on spiderman is all this movie is. The 11 yr old was extremely offended and the smaller ages didnt like it. There was really nothing to like. I guess if I hadnt brought the kids I would have laughed at some of the stupid stuff. We did walk out before it was over. i think I have only done this once before, Anyhow, if you do go, dont take your kids who are under at least 15.. who can probably handle some of the sexual language. but when a movie uses the word "*****" and not to describe a cat, you know it is not for the younger set.
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Supershocking Movie

By Betsyc
Written April 13, 2008
I took my 11 year old son and 5 of his friends to see this movie for his birthday. I was absolutely shocked at the language and the sexual content. TYou need to know what you will hear and see....****, L*sbian, ****, Whore, *****. It's not said just a few times but over and over! You will see people "humping" each other, men grabbing women's *******, nipple erections and so many sexual innuendos that I prayed would go over the boys' heads. This movie is saturated with dirty material. Don't make the same mistake I made. I feel like the bell has been rung now and these boys heard it all in this one movie. We've been to lots of PG-13 movies. This should have been rated R.
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By a_watcher_not_a_critic
Written April 26, 2008
We walked out after 15 minutes - it was 10 minutes too late. I am embarrassed that I brought young teens and pre-teens to this moviie without checking it out more thoroughly. I didn't think I needed to: this movie was marketed to 6th graders, the trailer was clean, the star was our beloved Drake from a popular Nickelodeon series and my kids and nephew had seen other superhero movies rated PG-13. I was wrong. I was horrified at the amount of swearing (even in subtitles) and ugly sexual content. It's too bad, because we enjoy a good parody and the few scenes that were not vile, were funny. There were few scenes that were not vile. I am disappointed because while I will get my money back, I can not get our kids' innocence back. We need a superhero to rescue us from the memory of this movie.
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Superhero Movie Review!

By Movies-to-go
Written April 11, 2008
Superhero Movie has a good story line and it has lots of hummor in it! Unfortunalty it is not really for kids under 11! Over all it's not an inaproperate movie, but there are a cuple parts where you understand why they rated it PG-13. If you wanna take the kids to see it make sure your ready for them to hear lots of "bad words" . Over all it a GREAT movie, but think about who you let see it!
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