See it in

By Janababe
Written September 21, 2011
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Super 8 review

By murrellb
Written September 06, 2011
That was entertaining. I wouldn't call it a B movie, but the premise was. Reminded me of 'Something Evil This Way Comes' in tone if not in subject.
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decent movie

By kdittmann
Written June 15, 2011
Good kid actors...but the story was sort of boring and typical. Starts fast but slows down. I would wait to rent it.
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'Super 8' Movie Review

By vaanan_kannan
Written June 10, 2011
Super 8 has it's moments, when it tries to reach the peak of Super, but just misses every time...Aspiring to be the modern generation's 'ET' is no small feat, and unfortunately, Super 8 just doesn't cut it. Looking at events trough the eyes of children (and some pretty talented actors they are! A special mention to Elle Fanning...I think she can go places!), the movie holds promise and the emotional heart of losses and dealing with them, but it didn't really reach out, and felt rather flat, failing to reach where it was aiming to emotionally..And this was for the part that held promise..Looking at the other part (ET like) of the movie which feels disjointedly woven in (I guess that was largely because they are disjointed tracks colliding together at places), it felt like it was pretty much just out there for the sake of it..It was built too thin for the viewers to feel emotionally invested to the 'out of the world' happenings here...All in all, this 'Super 8' does not make 'ET go home'
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unable to see

By bonnie88
Written June 13, 2011
i did not see it
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