See it in

By Janababe
Written September 21, 2011
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spielberg should apoligize

By sweibel
Written June 11, 2011
This movie is just stupid. Nice story about the kids from every prior Spielberg movie. Monster is not scary and story is ridiculous. You don't see 5 minutes of the"monster". Honest to God, the mobster wants to go "home". If he just added Jew, a clown and a shark all his prior movies would have been represented in this I'll conceived amalgam err cesspool of a movie. Don't go! Buy a yogurt instead
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Boring - actually fell asleep at one point for 5 minutes

By lehighhawk
Written June 13, 2011
Ridiculous plot, silly and boring. Waste of time and $$. A great deal of hype "produced by Spielberg"...etc. I think the critics are too scared to tell you this movie was a tremendous waste of time. X-Men superior to this schlocky movie.
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Great movie!

By Subee929
Written June 20, 2011
I would highly recommend this movie. The kids are especially great little actors!
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By mrsjahn
Written July 21, 2011
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