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Lets Go!!!!

By Frogerr298
Written June 10, 2011
Freaking awesome! Better then I expected!!!! Def, a must go!!
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Super 8 = not so great

By sarahbae09
Written June 13, 2011
The storyline was good - as if reading a well-written book...but not as visually exciting or entertaining as XMen or Transformers. The ending was also cheesy and cliche. The movie was like a mix of The Goonies (because the main characters are a group of kids) and ET.
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Iron Giant redux

By slippery99
Written June 18, 2011
Seriously. This movie is just a live action / CGI version of The Iron Giant. Don't get me wrong, the movie is worth seeing just for the acting of the two kids who play the deputy's son and the town drunk's daughter. You can ignore the predictable script and enjoy all the action (not to mention enough young-teenagers-in-love tears to make this an acceptable chick flick). Nevertheless, try to go to a matinee when the tickets are cheaper. Otherwise, this would be a "so-so" movie.
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summer fun at its best

By diet pepsi
Written January 02, 2012
i did not realy know what i would get from this movie due to some bad reviews i had read and some bad things people told me but it was not bad at all compaired to what some said my only complaint is WAY too mutch swearing for my taste but other than that realy good
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Super 8

By jonesb999
Written June 20, 2011
My wife and I walked out before it was over. What a piece of junk and a waste of our money! Great job on the advertisement to get us there! This movie was comparable to one made back in the 50's, on the version of the "The Blob" or "The Thing". Pure garbage!
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