Finding Sunshine..

By Daydream
Written April 11, 2009
Sunshine Cleaning: a slogan that doesnt match the business, chosen with hopes of taking the bleakness out of decomp work and crime scene clean-up. Two sisters struggle to afford even the small things in life and search for answers when nothing seems to be going there way. Adams and Blunt fall into their new business and it soon becomes more than a job to them. They come into people's lives when something terrible has happened and try to make everything better. This connection with each of their clients sparks a whisper of happiness... As long as you're happy, no one can take that from you. Stunning performances by Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, and Alan Arkin. I couldnt expect anything more. Emily Blunt in the Tressles scene was mesmerising. I could feel what she was feeling and when that happens you know the acting is no less than perfect. (A)
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A nice movie

By Caradoggie
Written April 07, 2009
Sunshine Cleaning is a delightful movie with excellent acting by all. Alan Arken is terrific as usual and Amy Adams has a face you can get lost in. Watch her expression, you know exactly how she feels without her saying a word. I felt I had to suspend my disbelief a little--how can a woman with such hardship be so cheerful and forgiving of all those who screw up her life? Still, if you're willing to enter her world, you'll enjoy. I wouldn't put up with half the stuff she does but her character is most unusual and is drawn with enough depth to make it real.
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Psychiatric Suicide Warning

By foster city bill
Written April 23, 2009
I guess I was expecting another Little MIss Sunshine and this was the exact opposite. This was a terrible attempt at replicating what worked in LMS. Everyone should make sure they know that this movie involves a story around cleaning up after suicides. I think they should have warned people. The previews just said cleaning up crime scenes. Most of the scenes were suicide and the mother's suicide was a major part of the story. Having personally experience a similar situation; this caught me totally offguard and launched my own post tramatic stress syndrome; not experienced for almost 30 years now. Be warned!
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Well worth seeing

By RandytheMovieFan
Written March 20, 2009
Interesting characters and engaging performances take you through an entertaining slice of life story. There are some easy comparisons to "Little Miss Sunshine", but I found Sunshine Cleaning less off-beat and more enjoyable. Amy Adams is captivating, and in one of the supporting roles as a store clerk, Clifton Collins Jr. was so quietly impressive that I actually looked up his name. While certainly not perfect, this chick flick crosses over to provide pretty wide appeal.
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Quirky But Filled with Substance

By kimot2ltd
Written March 21, 2009
This is the kind of movie that leaves you richer for having experienced it. There are no "Hallmark endings" and a slice of life picture that resorts to that sort of heart tugging maudlin technique has no relationship to life or cinema of the highest order. A movie about real, fully dimensioned characters is a rare bird and the dark humor of the story is filled with the kind of unsentimental realism that reaches into our psyche and shakes us awake. Reality is not simple, nor are humans, and the characters and performances in this film are richly textured. If you don't like thinking about and reflecting on the human condition, this movie is not for you. However if you find joy in the simple truth that we all are connected, and life is precious, walk with wild abandon to the theatre nearest you.
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