By phillee024
Written June 03, 2007
I had a chance to see this movie while away on a business trip. I can not wait to see it here in the states as it was one of the best sci-fi movies I have a chance to see in a long time. The story is incredible and the filming angles are incredible as well. Everyone must see this movie. Its not your typical action shoot em up save the galaxy type of a movie, but more of an sci fi fact, intelectual type of a movie. The sad part about this movie is it shows some of the things that we could do right now with space exploration if we weren't too busy trying to blow ourselves off the face of the earth.
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If you like Sci-Fi you Must watch Sunshine

By GabeF
Written July 04, 2007
I watched it six times between Fiji and Australia last year. Probably the best sci-fi movie since 2001:Space Odyssey. Some people are a little turned off by the end, but I thought it was excellent. Leave the 'movie-talkers' home for this one, it's one of those 'you miss this and you're lost' type movies. Try to watch this one in a nice theatre (dark scenes can be confusing at times), soundtrack is amazing.
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Failed to Impress

By film-fanatic
Written July 22, 2007
I saw this film yesterday. I had seen trailers for it and looked forward to seeing it. All the showtimes were sold out and I was lucky to get a ticket. All the signs of a great movie were there: intriguing trailer, decent cast, cool special effects and what SEEMED to be an interesting plot. The ONLY GOOD PART of the entire movie was the special effects, but Kuberick's 2001 film is still far better than this. It's obvious that Sunshine was trying to get the same feeling. The plot started out good, but then just got SILLY at the end when they threw in the "mystery passenger." The end was completely PREDICTABLE. In the end, I should have seen a different film and put my money to better use.
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By arekelly
Written July 27, 2007
OKAY THIS MOVIE WENT FROM A GOOD SCI-FI MOVIE. TO A BAD HORROR SLASHER MOVIE it was a normal save earth kind of movie that turned into a blurry-annoying music want to leave kind of film with a message about god honestly. leave 50 mins in. you'll be happy with the effects and shots of the sun
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Good, Old-Fashioned Sci-Fi Excitement

By jef13bc
Written July 26, 2007
As a Science Fiction writer, what I look for most in "good" movies or TV shows is dedication to the Science - otherwise, just take the "Science" part off. Now of course, there has to be flexibility in this notion - I know - because you also want to be taken on a journey into realms you've never been before (pardon my ST!). We've had to "forgive" shows - from the Original "ST" to the original "BSG" - for having to stretch credibility; a good deal of which was due to their budgets and the ridiculously clunky capabilities of the Visual Effects of their time. Not so here!! Like the new BSG, every moment of the (albeit "Story") Science is utterly thought through and believable in "Sunshine"; a welcome journey which goes way beyond the Science and well into the philosophical and existential discourses of our own species and our wonderful, fragile Earth herself. If such notions attract and fuel your own imagination, you're sure to appreciate the light (AND the dark) of "Sunshine."
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