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'Epic' Audio: Our Exclusive Interview with Director Chris Wedge

By: Sean OConnell on May 23, 2013 at 8:18AM Comments (0)

“I wanted to make a big action movie at the beginning of this, and I wanted an ensemble cast,” director Chris Wedge told us while discussing his new animated adventure, Epic, which opens in theaters on May 24. 
He delivers on those fronts. With Epic, Wedge transports audiences to a miniaturized world where the forces of nature -- led by the Leafmen -- defend an important forest from a looming threat. 
Amanda Seyfried voices the lead role of Mary Katherine, the daughter of a scientist who is pulled into the ongoing battle. Seyfried is joined in the cast by Josh Hutcherson, Colin Farrell, Christoph Waltz, Aziz Ansari and the multi-faceted Beyonce Knowles, voicing Queen Tara – the closest thing Epic has to Mother Nature. 
Give our conversation a listen as Epic heads to theaters. In it, you’ll discover incredible highlights, including: 
- Wedge opening up about the 8-year hiatus between Robots and Epic, and why it took him so long to get this production off the ground in the way that he wanted. 
- He talks about Epic being his first directorial effort in 3D, and how much he learned filming with that technology. “I remember seeing Avatar in 3D IMAX and just saying, ‘This is the way every movie should look,’” he said.  
- He talks about possibly re-doing Robots in 3D.
- He digs into the genesis of the M.K. character, and why he told part of his story through a young girl’s perspective. In doing so, he reveals some of the Wizard of Oz references audiences can find in the movie. 
- He talks about parents relating to the character of Bomba (voiced by Jason Sudekis), a father consumed by his work who’s following his dream … but losing his daughter in the process. 
- And in my favorite part of the interview, Wedge describes the thrill of working with his voice talents. Specifically, he tells a fantastic story about working with Christoph Waltz, who asked if he could physically act out his performance instead of sitting in an audio booth, requiring the boom operators to follow Waltz around while he acted out his parts. 
“He’s the only actor we’ve ever recorded with a boom mic,” Wedge tells us. “He was able to move around the studio and really live this thing.” 
Epic opens in theaters on May 24. Grab your tickets and take the whole family. 
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