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Armie Hammer, Johnny Depp Seek Justice in Final 'Lone Ranger' Trailer

By: Derrick Deane on April 17, 2013 at 1:12PM Comments (2)

The uphill battle continues for Disney's The Lone Ranger. Following last year's much-publicized production issues, the Gore Verbinski adaptation of the popular '50s western TV show has given us brief glimpses into what we can expect from the Jerry Bruckheimer production.

Today, Disney released the first full-length trailer since last December. In the past four months, we've had a couple of TV spots, some posters and not much else.

This latest trailer throws down the gauntlet to their Fourth of July opening weekend opponent Despicable Me 2. Both films are targeting family audiences and with ticket prices being what they are, most families are going to choosing one or the other.

The latest trailer, much like what we've previously seen, is heavy on action, although there are some comedic touches i.e. Helena Bonham Carter's boot gun, the delayed bridge explosion and so on.

The Lone Ranger rides into theaters July 3 and stars Armie Hammer, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter.

Did this latest trailer get you hyped up to see it, or will you watch Despicable Me 2 instead?


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  • Apr 17th 2013 6:28PM

    Javajive  said...

    I love Western's so it's The Lone Ranger for me!! Looks awesome.


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  • Apr 17th 2013 3:06PM

    mattfan12059  said...

    Despicable Me 2! I bet Lone Ranger might turn out like John Carter


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