Summer Hours Synopsis
Siblings argue over what to do with their late mother's extensive art collection.
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I would've rated it higher if the writers had stayed around until they came up with an ending

By brittmayo
Good character development, but a rather abrupt stop at the end (you knew it was the end because the credits started). On the other hand, perhaps I missed a subtle nuance....

SUMMER HOURS = Stunningly Crafted Cinema

By lugubriousthespian
If you do not enjoy gentle, human storytelling through cinema, then avoid this absolutely ravishing new film by France's Olivier Assayas. It's an intelligent, sumptuously photographed and fully...

You must be joking

By gwulfman
An A- ????? That reviewer is a snob....and his review is a snowjob...what a waste of time and watching grass grow...and I mean regular old grass...boring and meaningless......

summer hours

By mojo53
so so bad. this movie is subtitled- which I don't mind, but the plot is so incredibly slow moving..... booorrrrriiiinnngggg!!!!!! acting is marginal as well. don't waste your $!...


By carlintn
But then that might actually be MORE exciting to watch than this movie....