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Sully Synopsis
The story of Chesley Sullenberger, who became a hero after gliding his plane along the water in the Hudson River, saving all of his 155 passengers.
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One of Clint's best!

By Iltel
Tom delivers a solid performance and the aviation scenes are gripping. You'll feel what the passengers and crew felt as the jet made a controlled landing on the Hudson River. Captain Sully was a...


By jwhalensalvo
Absolutely loved this movie. Tom Hanks is amazing. His acting improves with age. I feel like I know the real Sully because of his amazing portrayal. And to learn the back story of what Capt...


By mrjoepeters
Excellent movie. Stay true to the story and you'll learn facts you didn't know. Hanks and crew did a great job portraying this story. Sully is a hero to 155 people!! Be sure to stay through the...

An American Hero

By Rossanova
The film Sully will leave you proud of our American Hero. Three times, during the viewing, the audience applauded; what a moment. The right mix of actors, director and compelling story preserves the...


By kstearnes
It was about two hours long but it didn't feel like that at all, it really grasps the audience....

Phenomenal Movie

By cwmccray26
Phenomenal portrayal of unfortunate events all of us hope never to experience... "Sully" explores the human factors of aviation, moreover the mechanical limitations, and expectations we as humans...

Fly high with SULLY

By carrieowings
A WIN WIN where entertainment pays tribute to history... The rest of the story while using film, CGI/ special effect technology & superb acting to relate a heroic 208 seconds. Quite an...

SULLY Soars!

By johndonaldson
This is an excellent portrayal of the decisiveness necessary in a true emergency situation where years of piloting experience take over and the critical seconds between life and death play out on the...

Tom Hanks does it again

By mrsrbrowne
A different angle of the events that makes you really feel for what Sully had to go through....

Go See It!

By MrsG63
Even though you know the outcome, it fills you in on all the behind the scenes things that the public wasn't aware of....

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Rated PG-13 | For For some peril and brief strong language.
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Common Sense Media says Great performances in tense, quietly powerful true story.
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