Visually Fantastic

By ydlpw
Written March 29, 2011
The message behind the movie is powerful and is backed up by strong imagery. The combination of past and futuristic settings adds a surreal effect. Combine that with a fantasy within a fantasy and the movie has the ability to take you on an interesting journey. The movie is loaded with sex and violence, but most of it is implied rather than graphic. Lots of fun fight scenes and fast paced action. The only thing that would have been better than seeing this at the I Max, would have been I Max 3D!
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I wish it was in 3D

By Transepoch
Written March 25, 2011
Very good movie, which bodes poorly for its commercial success, so I will just have to help out again when it strikes BD. It plays out like Frank Miller does Moulin Rouge, so it borders on the musical at times, but those that wouldn't care for it will be likely too distracted by the visuals. The fights in "Third World" look like they were shot for 3D, not gimicky, just that the added depth would have made them simply breathtaking. As for Cons, we never actually see Babydoll dance, ever, throughout the whole film, with the most on-screen swaying happening near mid-flick. I guess it kept the stunt extras budget down for use elsewhere. Final thought: if the IMAX engineers could swing by theatre in Silver Spring, I think they could make do with 10kW of sound, at least until someone there learns to turn the volume down from 11. Subjecting an audience that is half-deaf before the feature even starts to blaring noise makes it sound like donkey. At least I finally caught Pirates4 trailer.
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it is a BAD ***EPIC movie

Written July 01, 2015
***&^ all the haters ow and Emily Browning is a fine actress ;)
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SuckerPunch= awesome!

By vica84
Written March 28, 2011
I loved this movie. It was not what everyone expected, and I loved what it ended up being. It was deeper than any "action" flick and keeps you wondering what is going on. I appreciate movies that are not for the idiot masses. SO most people did not like this movie because they don't know what a good movie is.! There was an actual plot, and it makes me laugh that one of the complaints has been that there was no plot. I loved the acting and the dimensions of fantasy. And yes, the cinematography was excellent. Can't wait to see it again!
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By atomdrive
Written March 27, 2011
Definitely a punch in the face and in the ears.
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