By 2brenners
Written November 08, 2016
It's really a lovely and funny movie, but it desperately needs subtitles.
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By Gabrielle Rosenberg
Written July 05, 2011
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The Best PR Man on the Planet!

By goreycat78
Written June 17, 2011
Every corporation on the planet should be looking to hire Richard Ayoade. He is a great PR man who takes two irritating self absorbed brats and makes you fall in love with both of them. Craig Roberts and Yasmin Paige's characters worm their way into your heart early on and then make you feel as though you are one of their schoolyard friends who has joined them on their rollercoaster journey through first love. Roberts and Paige's performances are natural and sincere. I am quite convinced that they live as Oliver Tate and Jordana Bevan in some far off parallel universe. With all the superhero mania streaming into the theater, I so grateful that Mr. Ayoade's film took time to explore and celebrate a common human experience with honesty and humor. He has proven even without glittering spandex suits each life is very exciting and passionate indeed. Anyone who helped get this film into the theaters is a true superhero in my book.
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Nostalgic and smart, excellent film

By saturday_night_movie
Written July 18, 2011
I don't know why the rating is R, I will go back with my 10yo. I think it's should be watched by teenagers. Like Juno, full of intelligent, confidant young people with a strong sense of self, I was wondering, is it a new generation or did I grew up in extremely intelligence deprived area?...  I dont remember me to be so interesting or anybody else around me the same age neither, it's either me being unlucky or movie is romanticizing the past...  Either way, I loved the film, hope you do too Cheers M
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quirky coming of age

By emato
Written June 04, 2011
ever feel like an outsider. check out this character and the angst of adolescence comes back to you
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