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A 15-year-old wants to lose his virginity and stop his mother from leaving his father.
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By 2brenners
It's really a lovely and funny movie, but it desperately needs subtitles....

The Best PR Man on the Planet!

By goreycat78
Every corporation on the planet should be looking to hire Richard Ayoade. He is a great PR man who takes two irritating self absorbed brats and makes you fall in love with both of them. Craig...


By Gabrielle Rosenberg

Nostalgic and smart, excellent film

By saturday_night_movie
I don't know why the rating is R, I will go back with my 10yo. I think it's should be watched by teenagers. Like Juno, full of intelligent, confidant young people with a strong sense of self, I was...

quirky coming of age

By emato
ever feel like an outsider. check out this character and the angst of adolescence comes back to you...


By stupenda
The movie turned out to be a way to pass the afternoon. It was quite dry and not very interesting. The 'humor' was not captivating and the entire theme could have been more moving. I would tell my...


By Playtimer
Definitely a cult movie; intelligent, most interesting view into other cultures' approach to teenage angst; (universal melancholy); it's a bit draggy (parents' dilemas). But worth seeing....

SUBMARINE a winner

By leboul99
Quirky dark comedy with real people showing real feelings. Yes - it's ostensibly about an adolescent's rites of passage in Wales - but this is no teen flick. With a distinctive "indie" feel - but...

Slice of life that needed more life

By RandytheMovieFan
I do like small independent films (Clerks, The Visitor, Ink, etc.), so it wasn't the absence of big budgets and brand names that turned me off. Submarine was just...boring. Mundane events affecting...


By MigaBear
Funny story about a quirky teenage boy who narrates his story in Wales circa early 1980s. His prim, neurotic mother and depressed father provide deadpan humor. Great film for teenagers and adults....

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Rated R | For language and some sexual content