By milosparky2009
Written March 08, 2009
i ahve never seen the film it sounds interesting
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This movie is downright AWFUL!!!

By miss_pris
Written June 02, 2008
I thought the movie would be interesting based on the description, but this movie is incredibly unrealistic and insults your intelligence from the moment of the crash. Nobody sees a body protruding from the windshield of a car driving for miles down the street except for one homeless guy in the midst of getting arrested by the police? Really? Not even the police arresting the homeless guy? Really? The only possible saving grace is that the movie tends to become so unbelievably absurd, even in its grotesqueness, that you start to laugh at just how bad it is. Spend your money on something better. If you can't find anything better in the movie theaters, wait a week or two.
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There's a reason why me and the critics liked this movie.

By crazzedog
Written June 19, 2008
The reason is that you're not exactly supposed to like what goes on in this movie. The movie is supposed to show how society today can be lazy, horrible, uncaring, and quite stupid. I ususally would have probably hated this movie, but that reason is why we liked this movie. I thought that Mena Suvari did a gret job playing the uncaring overworked ***** that wams the homeless guy in the winsheild. If you want to see a movie that shows what society is like today, then this is definitely the movie for you! I give "Stuck" 4.5 stars/5.
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not too bad

By Frostie
Written October 16, 2008
the movie was quite interesting, along with this is based on a true story so its more thrilling thinking it has actually happened to someone at soemwhere.
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Five Word Review

By Drez_Digital
Written February 05, 2010
Female Faces A Unfortunate Event
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