Stuart Townsend

Worked With

Year Name Title
2007 Stan Winston Bloodsucking Cinema
2007 Joel Schumacher Bloodsucking Cinema
2007 John Carpenter Bloodsucking Cinema
2007 Leonard Maltin Bloodsucking Cinema
2007 Emily Mortimer Chaos Theory
2007 Sarah Chalke Chaos Theory
2006 Seth Green Unhitched
2004 Charlize Theron Head in the Clouds
2004 Penélope Cruz Head in the Clouds
2004 Steven Berkoff Head in the Clouds
2003 David Hemmings The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
2003 Sean Connery The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
2003 Richard Roxburgh The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
2003 Peta Wilson The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
2003 Dina Merrill Shade
2003 Thandie Newton Shade
2003 Hal Holbrook Shade
2003 Melanie Griffith Shade
2003 Sylvester Stallone Shade
2003 Gabriel Byrne Shade
2003 Jamie Foxx Shade
2002 Vincent Perez Queen of the Damned
2002 Lena Olin Queen of the Damned
2002 Charlize Theron Trapped
2002 Kevin Bacon Trapped
2002 Pruitt Taylor Vince Trapped
2000 Kate Hudson About Adam
2000 Frances O'Connor About Adam
1999 Noah Taylor Mauvaise Passe
1999 Daniel Auteuil Mauvaise Passe
1999 Peter Mullan Mauvaise Passe
1999 Lauren Bacall The Venice Project
1999 Hector Babenco The Venice Project
1999 Stockard Channing The Venice Project
1999 Dean Stockwell The Venice Project
1999 Ben Cross The Venice Project
1999 John Wood The Venice Project
1999 Lauren Hutton The Venice Project
1999 Parker Posey The Venice Project
1999 Linus Roache The Venice Project
1999 Steve Martin The Venice Project
1999 Cheech Marin The Venice Project
1999 Dennis Hopper The Venice Project
1999 Molly Parker Wonderland
1999 Shirley Henderson Wonderland
1999 Ian Hart Wonderland
1998 Rutger Hauer Simon Magus
1998 Embeth Davidtz Simon Magus
1998 Ian Holm Simon Magus
1998 Noah Taylor Simon Magus
1997 Brenda Fricker Resurrection Man
1997 Kate Beckinsale Shooting Fish
1997 Samantha Morton Under the Skin
1997 Rita Tushingham Under the Skin
1996 Brendan Gleeson Trojan Eddie
1996 Stephen Rea Trojan Eddie
1996 Richard Harris Trojan Eddie
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