What parents need to know

Parents need to know that Stuart Little is a 1999 movie loosely based on the E. B. White book about a kindly couple who adopt a sweet mouse who faces danger from the house cat and his feline friends, as well as a pair of duplicitous mice, as he tries to get accustomed to his new life. While on the whole this is a sweet movie, there are some moments of iffy humor, including cat flatulence and a cat joking about licking himself. There is more profanity than you would think for a family movie: "damn" and "hell" plus plenty of mild mean words and phrases such as "shut up" and "loser." There are also some moments of peril, as Stuart is in constant danger from the cats who do not want to accept him as being part of his adoptive family. In fact, cat lovers might take exception to the movie's depiction of cats as being little more than selfish and hateful murderers, even as the house cat finds some bit of redemption later in the movie. As the movie addresses the issue of adoption and the emotional transitions parents and kids face, adoptive and foster families may want to think carefully about whether the themes will be upsetting or reassuring to their children.
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