Stuart Hall
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1903

Worked With

Year Name Title
1952 Lawrence Dobkin 5 Fingers
1952 Michael Rennie 5 Fingers
1952 Michael Pate 5 Fingers
1952 James Mason 5 Fingers
1952 Alberto Morin 5 Fingers
1952 Walter Hampden 5 Fingers
1952 Richard Loo 5 Fingers
1952 Danielle Darrieux 5 Fingers
1952 Jack Mulhall Dragnet: The Big Actor
1952 Jack Kruschen Dragnet: The Big Actor
1951 Robert Coote Soldiers Three
1951 Stewart Granger Soldiers Three
1951 Michael Ansara Soldiers Three
1951 Cyril Cusack Soldiers Three
1951 Greta Gynt Soldiers Three
1951 David Niven Soldiers Three
1951 Robert Newton Soldiers Three
1951 Walter Pidgeon Soldiers Three
1951 Dan O'Herlihy Soldiers Three
1947 Mildred Natwick The Late George Apley
1947 Mae Marsh The Late George Apley
1947 Wyndham Standing The Late George Apley
1947 Ottola Nesmith The Late George Apley
1947 Richard Haydn The Late George Apley
1947 Ronald Colman The Late George Apley
1947 Edna Best The Late George Apley
1947 Paul Harvey The Late George Apley
1947 Peggy Cummins The Late George Apley
1944 John Dehner Lake Placid Serenade
1944 John Hamilton Lake Placid Serenade
1944 Robert Livingston Lake Placid Serenade
1944 Walter Catlett Lake Placid Serenade
1944 Stanley Andrews Lake Placid Serenade
1944 William Frawley Lake Placid Serenade
1944 John Litel Lake Placid Serenade
1944 Lloyd Corrigan Lake Placid Serenade
1944 Ruth Warren Lake Placid Serenade
1944 Roy Rogers Lake Placid Serenade
1944 Eugene Pallette Lake Placid Serenade
1944 Ferdinand Munier Lake Placid Serenade
1944 Bert Moorhouse Lake Placid Serenade
1941 George Sanders Rage in Heaven
1941 Lucile Watson Rage in Heaven
1941 Wyndham Standing Rage in Heaven
1941 Robert Montgomery Rage in Heaven
1941 Damian O'Flynn Rage in Heaven
1941 David Thursby Rage in Heaven
1941 Leyland Hodgson Rage in Heaven
1941 Ingrid Bergman Rage in Heaven
1941 Oscar Homolka Rage in Heaven
1941 Pat O'Malley Rage in Heaven
1941 Colin Kenny Rage in Heaven
1938 David Niven The Dawn Patrol
1938 Barry Fitzgerald The Dawn Patrol
1938 Melville Cooper The Dawn Patrol
1938 Basil Rathbone The Dawn Patrol
1938 Errol Flynn The Dawn Patrol
1938 Norman Willis The Dawn Patrol
1938 Donald Crisp The Dawn Patrol
1935 Colin Tapley Without Regret
1935 Kent Taylor Without Regret
1935 Henry Roquemore Without Regret
1935 Frances Drake Without Regret
1935 Elissa Landi Without Regret
1935 David Niven Without Regret
1933 Betty Grable Cavalcade
1933 Beryl Mercer Cavalcade
1933 Margaret Lindsay Cavalcade
1933 Pat Somerset Cavalcade
1933 Billy Bevan Cavalcade
1933 Bonita Granville Cavalcade
1933 Diana Wynyard Cavalcade
1933 Douglas Walton Cavalcade
1933 C. Montague Shaw Cavalcade
1933 Herbert Mundin Cavalcade
1933 Una O'Connor Cavalcade
1933 Clive Brook Cavalcade
1931 Paul Panzer First Aid
1931 William Desmond First Aid
1931 Billy Gilbert First Aid
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