Written August 18, 2008
They could have found PLENTY of WAY BETTER Actresses to play this roll, she (Kristin) was not that good at all in Smallville and I was SUPER Excited when I thought they killed her. What they should do (and NEED to do for this Movie to be good) is get a girl like Brenda Song who actually looks Chinese and is Chinese to play this roll. We all know Chun-li has and amazing body and Kristin is flatter than a billboard in a hurricane!! If not Brenda Song (I know she is from Disney) then go to China and look for an actress to play this roll. We have see too many of our Great Games turned Movies and flop because they kept it too AMERICAN. LETS TAKE A VOTE ON THIS PEOPLE PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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By mpdontblink
Written February 11, 2009
Growing up playing Street Fighter I am a huge fan and cannot wait for the movie to come out!! From just a quick look at some clips it looks well done. And to the guy who said Kristin Kreuk wasn't Chinese???? She's half Dutch half Chinese!!! Come on now don't be hating she's HOTT!!!
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legend of reprising a bad movie but a great video game

By This fans fa you
Written January 20, 2009
hey all you movie fans out there, this is a jump on a movie. I know everyone is waiting for wolverine, wathcmen, transformers and public enemies. Hold on, lets asees things alittle bit. Check out the trailer to the new streetfighter movie, it looks reasonable for the high movie prices. i know you remember the past street fighter starring jean claude van damm as guile. it was a not good at all, plus jean claude can't act at all. i'm feeling optimistic about this new movie, it has a pretty good cast of sufficient yet popular actors. That cute girl from smallville will play as chun li, and it will co-star michael clarke duncan, taboo, chris klien, neal mcdonough,and robin shou. i know you all remember robin shou as gobei in beverly hills ninja and liu kang in mortal kombat; by the way he was perfect for Liu kang. all n all, i think this movie will be better than we think. Check out the trailer for yourself on youtube.
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What were they thinking?

By FanOfMovies28
Written January 24, 2009
Nothing against Kristin Kreuk but, bottom line she's not Chinese or even Asian. They couldn't have found anyone else? Stacy Q from Mission Impossible and Balls of Fury would've been a natural fit. The movie may have some good action scenes and an interesting enough plot to hold your attention but, c'mon man........ it's supposed be Chun-Li! There's nothing about Kristin Kreuk that says Chun-Li!.........
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Another failed attempt

By reyhoman
Written January 27, 2009
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