Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li Synopsis
Warrior Chun-Li (Kristin Kreuk) sets out to stop evil Bison's (Neal McDonough) grab for power.
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They could have found PLENTY of WAY BETTER Actresses to play this roll, she (Kristin) was not that good at all in Smallville and I was SUPER Excited when I thought they killed her. What they should do...


By mpdontblink
Growing up playing Street Fighter I am a huge fan and cannot wait for the movie to come out!! From just a quick look at some clips it looks well done. And to the guy who said Kristin Kreuk wasn't...

legend of reprising a bad movie but a great video game

By This fans fa you
hey all you movie fans out there, this is a jump on a movie. I know everyone is waiting for wolverine, wathcmen, transformers and public enemies. Hold on, lets asees things alittle bit. Check out...

What were they thinking?

By FanOfMovies28
Nothing against Kristin Kreuk but, bottom line she's not Chinese or even Asian. They couldn't have found anyone else? Stacy Q from Mission Impossible and Balls of Fury would've been a natural fit. ...

Another failed attempt

By reyhoman

Low Blow to true Street Fighter Fans

By Keynu
Where to start? A girl that cant really fight and the fight scenes that shoudlve be great lasted and 30 seconds. The fight with Vega, he didnt get a good hit in, he cut her hair then she beat him....

A movie so bad it's good!

By devildan1220
After seeing the movie, I now know why there were only 15 people in my theater. But everyone must go see Street Fighter. The movie was supposed to be serious, but it came off as a complete joke. The...

i've seen and enjoyed the movie!

By lordcroft18
I should say it's a must-see movie not only because I love Kristin Kreuk but also because she gave justice to the role. She was convincing as Chun-Li and she could definitely hold her own now that she...


By geoelevation25
That waz the coolest movie ever. Go Michael Clarke Duncan,The Best Actor Ever. The action was great,the acting was great. I couldn't be any happier with a movie. Well Sorta. The point is it was...

Video based movies never turn out quite right

By oldsaltydog
the time I wasted watching this movie I will never get back. It is a bad thing when the bad guy was the best acting in this movie. My pick a movie FORCE told me not to go but this is what happens...

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Rated PG-13 | For sequences of violence and martial arts action, and some sensuality
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Common Sense Media says Video game adaptation is violent, jarringly inept.
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