Staw Dogs

By dollcl
Written September 23, 2011
I tend to like the movies that rate lower and I thought this one wouldn't be any different............I was SOOO wrong. Seriously don't waste your time or money on this movie. If you really feel the need to watch it, wait for it to come out on Redbox (and maybe you will have a free code you can use then-if you do then definitely use it for this one)! The movie started off with a little promise of something good then turned into the only thing going for it was the hot men............definitely not what I was looking for going into the movie. Nothing wrong with some hot men, but it's never good when they are the ONLY reason that keeps the movie floating! Sorry but this movie tanks with two thumbs down!
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Ok movie

By movies master
Written September 24, 2011
Much better than "DRIVE"
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Straw dog is average but watchable

By lankesh_kumar
Written September 25, 2011
same as title
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great movie

By gretabeans
Written September 26, 2011
Alex was amazing in this remake. Loved it.....
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straw dogs

Written September 19, 2011
My room has white walls.
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