By neoterra13
Written September 26, 2011
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Straw Dogs review

By tomnjerry527
Written October 01, 2011
It was a little slow getting to the point, but I think that it needed that for the right effect. I think that it did a great job of representing these little southern towns that are "off the grid." I grew up in such a town. But, I do think that today, things have grown a bit slower, but grown. Good movie. Go see it.
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Terribly Dark!!!

By cmk1269
Written September 22, 2011
The trailers do not give this movie justice in terms of how dark and twisted the events unfold. We were amazed that someone could think of such horrific things and highly disappointed with the ending.
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A Suspensful, Edge-of-Your-Seat Thriller

By cali4niacurt
Written September 19, 2011
I've read the bad reviews here and I'm not sure why others didn't like this movie. I was goin in to it not expecting much, but was really drawn in by the acting and directing. I enjoyed the parallel between the screenplay the main actor was writing and the eventual seige of the farmhouse in the end. James Woods was fantastic as an alcoholic ex-football coach who was ready to snap at anytime. He knows how to play crazy. This movie just kept building suspense all the way through. You know basically that all hell is going to break out but you aren't sure how or when it's going to happen. The last movie I saw that took me to the edge of my seat like this movie did was The Perfect Getaway. I will say that the ending felt as though it needed something, maybe more closure, but I'm not sure where it could have gone from there. Overall, I was thoroughly entertained and felt satisfied with the revenge/justice ending.
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By Duder80
Written September 21, 2011
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