Prime Example Of Southern Stereo-Typing, And A Bad Movie To Boot

By hwinn7478
Written September 18, 2011
Let me just start by saying that I live in Tennessee and that movies like this one are a prime example of why people in other parts of the country think southerns are ignorant rednecks. Every person in this movie (save the lead guy and girl) was portrayed as your average backwoods, small town, southern hillbilly. It was disgusting, but even that I could have over looked if the movie had been half way decent. For the first hour and 15 minutes nothing happens at all, I mean NOTHING. I think the makers of this movie were trying to "build suspense" but it failed miserably and just came off as boring. When it finally did get going there was nothing exciting, innovative or great about it, they tussled a bit, the "hero" killed the "bad guys" and the movie went off. This was a huge let down. I implore your money, stay away from this one.
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Not Bad

By dominiquethmpsn
Written September 17, 2011
Straw Dogs was enjoyable enough. It just took a little long for the action to get started. The wife was a little annoying and so was Janice but you'll figure that out once you see it. It was worth it if only to see Alexander Skardgard shirtless!
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Dont be so critical its really good.

By kayleenabq15
Written April 03, 2012
The movie was good. A-lot of people were judging to much on the whole view of the southerns ignorant rednecks potrayed in the movie as they say. There some parts were they rape her and its over rated by a bit but overall the intensity was really good.
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slow but not bad

By nosros
Written September 18, 2011
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Suspense THriller! - well done Remake!

By daewoo21
Written September 22, 2011
I dont understand some people here, says ow its so violent, blah blah etc.. of course, thats the whole idea of the movie! violent that terrorize me! - love this remake, as good as the original. From now on , i dont believe people/fans their own critics, i have learned that from here. Just go and see the movie, because everyone has diifferent point of views.
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