So much talent, you've got to see it!!!!!

By megamex420
Written January 14, 2008
I just saw the trailer and it looks very hilarious. So much talent, you've got to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Just look at the line-up of actors

By MovieReviewer1990
Written January 22, 2008
Steve Zahn, Allen Cover, Jonah Hill, AND Justin Long? I dont see how this movie can fail, disappoint, etc. It has a ton of potential, but don't expect a smart movie, this will be stupid, silly, and hilarious.
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By strawberryp0cky
Written February 25, 2008
There are parts of this movie where I couldn't stop laughing. They were in the beginning and I got excited for the rest of it. Then it just sort of petered out.
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By bioliquid2fusion
Written February 20, 2008
This was probably the most awkward comedy movie I have seen in awhile. The main character was played by Steve Zahn, and I can honestly say that he has no business being a lead-role actor in anything resembling a comedy. I liked his character in Rescue Dawn, because he comes across as the type of person who could be shell-shocked in real life, simply judging by his demeanor and acting style. However, this translates quite badly into a character who is supposed to maintain a comedic presence throughout an entire film. In short, it was extremely uncomfortable to watch him attempt this for close to 2 hours. Jonah Hill's character was also an uncomfortable presence, as he strayed from his uber-sarcastic and frequently cynical Superbad persona which made him po****r, into some sort of creepy mumbling freaktard with nothing relevant to say, and is even less funny than Zahn. In fact, the whole cast seems to be made up of has-beens from successful comedies who were thrown together haphazardly!
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Billy Happy

By chimentm
Written February 20, 2008
If you like Grandma's Boy, then you will enjoy this movies. Do it!
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