It was good

By Luna_Magic_Movie
Written April 28, 2007
I liked it but did not like the ending.
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quite possibly the most unique movie I've EVER seen!

By Kookamunga
Written March 14, 2007
This movie was so incredibly creative and unique! I loved it. The premise is far fetched, but I found myself sucked in, and feeling empathy for Harold, and Emma T.'s character too. It's very rare when I can watch a movie and laugh that hard, and feel that much for the characters at the same time. The details were masterfully put together. This is definately in my top ten movies of ALL TIME! But be forewarned, this is NOT typical Will Ferrell acting. He's sweet, and understated, and fabulous throughout the whole thing.
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Enjoyable and Quirky.

By Quirky_Mango
Written September 19, 2007
Generally, this was a good movie. Ferrell and Thompson were fun to watch, and the comedy was at times sharp, at others silly. It's quite unique- that certainly can't be disputed- and unexpectedly sweet. It's worth seeing more than once, though not quite in the "over and over again" catagory. Parts drag a little bit after you've seen it once, and you end up wondering what Queen Latifah's character was doing in there, anyway.
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Great Interesting fun

By bunkyaz
Written February 12, 2007
Emma Thompson was faboulous as the frustrated difficult author. Dustin Hoffman was very believable as an Literature professor. Maggie Gyllenhall was super as the semianarchist bakery owner. But Will Ferrell showed acting chops I never expected! I enjoyed the movie from the beginning to the end- it went too fast! I especially enjoyed the whiteboard calculations going on! What fun and whimsey! Overall, well worth the time and money.
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Will Ferrell is the BOSS

By ital_dredness
Written November 16, 2006

I loved seeing Will Ferrell in this role.  I usual enjoy his movies in which he plays the typical dumb@$$ but in this role as Joe Bloke he is not only hilarious, but moreover, he is endearing.  Harold Crick embodies the average man and his plight of enduring his own monotony.... and when the extraordinary begins to happen to him (hearing a narrative of your life), he realizes that life is much more than just work and routine, its about doing what you never thought you could/should even if that means just taking an extra minute to enjoy a cookie!!!!  I loved this movie; new and interesting, well written, well casted and acted... it's the feel good movie of the season!

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