Stranger Than Fiction (2006) Synopsis
A mentally unstable IRS auditor (Will Ferrell) hears an author's (Emma Thompson) voice in his head.
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It was good

By Luna_Magic_Movie
I liked it but did not like the ending....

quite possibly the most unique movie I've EVER seen!

By Kookamunga
This movie was so incredibly creative and unique! I loved it. The premise is far fetched, but I found myself sucked in, and feeling empathy for Harold, and Emma T.'s character too. It's very rare...

Enjoyable and Quirky.

By Quirky_Mango
Generally, this was a good movie. Ferrell and Thompson were fun to watch, and the comedy was at times sharp, at others silly. It's quite unique- that certainly can't be disputed- and unexpectedly...

Great Interesting fun

By bunkyaz
Emma Thompson was faboulous as the frustrated difficult author. Dustin Hoffman was very believable as an Literature professor. Maggie Gyllenhall was super as the semianarchist bakery owner. But...

Will Ferrell is the BOSS

By ital_dredness
I loved seeing Will Ferrell in this role.  I usual enjoy his movies in which he plays the typical dumb@$$ but in this role as Joe Bloke he is not only hilarious, but moreover, he is endearing....

Great movie

By rmehta
Stranger Than Fiction was a pleasant surprise. The concept is unique and refreshing, the acting was superb. The movie's plot is a little odd, so embrace the oddness before you get into the theatre....


By sodapop1
Stranger Than Fiction stars the funny Will Ferell and Maggie Gyllenhaal (stars in The Dark Knight). Ferell is Harold Crick. A man who does the same thing every day. Count his steps, brush strokes, and...

Unexpected, but well-done

By SeanChristian
Not what you expect when you enter the world of a Will Ferrell movie, but in the same vain as Adam Sandler's tear-jerking performance in "Click", Ferrell can do Drama. And he can do it well. The...

Appealing across a diverse market

By or_ee_gunkitti
I thought this movie was terrific. Depending on the viewer, it's a light comedy - some slapstick, sight gags, sophmoric stuff. But it's also appealing to the more literary movie goer. There is an...

Stranger than Fiction

By AZmoviegoer
Took entire team from work, it was a great group movie! Interesting story line with a variety of aspects held everyone's attention....

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Rated PG-13 | For some disturbing images, sexuality, brief language and nudity
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Common Sense Media says Touching dramedy is heavy; won't interest most kids.
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