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A mysterious potion prompts a group of elves, goblins, imps, and fairies on an incredible adventure in this fantastical fantasy inspired by William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.
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Critics Miss Again!!

By finewithme
If you take a 16 year old boy it might not be his thing because the trailer doesn't let you know this is a toon musical. The music happens to be of my generation so I loved it. And ELO was meant to be...

Strange Magic

By rrydstrom
Good lessons for young girls whom it is focused upon. The adult critics are not into teenage love stories or songs. A good place for parents to start a conversation with their children. " Everyone...

good fun for the family

By hardydenjr
plenty enough action to keep the whole family entertained. good humor for children and adults alike. though if you do not enjoy singing in your movies avoid it....

By mdksullivan1984

very cute

By UltraHoneyBee

Walked out after 25 minutes

By pryd7777
I know this is an animated movie for kids. Mostly Tween girls. But I went hoping that this was an experience like Disney's Frozen, which I thoroughly enjoyed. But this mis matched song laden tale...

By sillalove0311
The beginning was a little hard to follow... The singing is a little to frequent... It's more of a musical type for the kids... The message was okay not great but just okay... I would recommend...

wasn't too great.

By kaitlynshahan
My 4 year old who usually loves movies got pretty bored with this quickly. lots of singing....


By triumphjulie
I walked out after 20 minutes of irritatingly loud singing. I usually have a high tolerance for crap, but this was too much....

was a cute movie

By girlscout392
enjoyable for all ages...

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Rated PG | For Scary Images and Some Action
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Common Sense Media says Uneven animated musical is stranger than it is magical.
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