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Storks Synopsis
A stork (Andy Samberg) and his human friend race against time to make their first baby drop.
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Could have been great

By jkillen07
This started our as a very cute movie, I wish just once the libral left would not have to throw the LGBT stuff into everything. This movie is for kids! 2 men or 2 women can not have a child. It is...

Why do they always have to insert politics into kids movies?

By deanna9262016180
I took my 2 kids to see this movie. I would have given this movie a good review except that they had to, of course, make it political by showing gay couples receiving babies at the end. It drives...


By gt93grad
I thought it was a fairly weak movie over all. It seemed to have lazy writing, nonsensical plot (if any plot), annoying characters, and no real development. They just had to throw the gay marriage...


By MegaLatias23
Loooooooooooooooooooooooved this movie it was a hole lot more funnier the Lego Movie. Great family movie 2 see and you will die with laughter when you see it. I highly recommend seeing this. Best $...

Better Than Expected for Expected Father

By pastor_ship
My wife and I are expecting our first child. We saw this movie just after seeing our baby on ultrasound. I think that helped us relate well to the content of the movie. We connected emotionally with...

Could Have Been a Favorite

By julshas4
Throughly enjoyed every moment of this movie with my kids...until the movie crash landed their ending by throwing the LGBT community a bone. I would have purchased this for my family and would have...


By lrsdean10
This was a feel good kinda movie.. We enjoyed being entertained....

Engaging and Entertaining

By Caitlynhealy
I loved this movie!!!! It was well written and the plot was fantastic....

For the whole family

By betohap
If you want to go see a movie that captivates every member of the family, and it's just simply amazing go ahead do your self a favor go watch this movie. Storks is a treat that should get passed up....

Surprisingly enjoyable- left smiles on our faces

By ketil7331
While the previews had some adorable moments, I wasn't expecting anything that would stand out from the other movies this year like ice age or other non-Disney selections. While this was definitely...

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Rated PG | For Some Thematic Elements and Mild Action
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Common Sense Media says Family comedy mixes moments of peril, sweet messages.
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