Engrossing film

By Show Me Move Me Change Me
Written April 09, 2015
We were easily drawn into this story, but as time went on we became confused and then then drawn in again. Fabulous characters. However as the credits rolled and we realized that some of the vintage footage of this seeming documentary was staged and placed by actors, I got angry and then confused some more and then tried to find out which film critics were sets-ups and which weren't. It's worth seeing.
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Loved it, but it's not for everyone

By bkruger
Written April 20, 2015
I hate action films, love character studies, so this was right up my alley. It does get a little repetitive, could use some judicious editing, but I liked it quite a lot. Interesting how Sarah Polley interspersed present-day interviews with reenactments so that it was difficult to know what scenes were family movies and which characters were portrayed by actors. Good antidote to mindless summer blockbusters.
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excellent documentary

By Doug75225
Written April 20, 2015
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unique documentary

By erinacrotty
Written April 20, 2015
I enjoyed it but it got a little slow and navel-gazing at the end...
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By DartFilmLover
Written February 09, 2016
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