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Filmmaker Sarah Polley investigates the truth about her family history.
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so so

By movieguy4444
It took me a while to get interested in this movie. It was slow in the beginning and was like watching someones home movies. I got invested in the story near the end but overall I wish I had...

a real family story

By norbertolevin
I liked it, it's a slow movie, focused in a family's characters, that brings out what everybody knows but supposed to be secret. While not a "not to be missed" movie, it is of particular interest to...

Stories We Tell

By rayeroth1
It was a compelling look into a family. I am not spoiling anything, though, when I say that this documentary was filmed with actors; not the family members and friends interviewed. Knowing this...

Stories We Tell

By darevans77
It was basically a home movie....probably fascinating for the producers family but not so much for everyone else....boring!!! I was looking for more insight to the underlying dynamics that affect...

Stories WE Tell

This is my life. On my Mom's deathbed she said "When I was young" and died. I didn't know what she meant until I found a letter she had written back in 1961 about how sad she was that her "lover"...

Engrossing film

By Show Me Move Me Change Me
We were easily drawn into this story, but as time went on we became confused and then then drawn in again. Fabulous characters. However as the credits rolled and we realized that some of the vintage...

Loved it, but it's not for everyone

By bkruger
I hate action films, love character studies, so this was right up my alley. It does get a little repetitive, could use some judicious editing, but I liked it quite a lot. Interesting how Sarah...

excellent documentary

By Doug75225

unique documentary

By erinacrotty
I enjoyed it but it got a little slow and navel-gazing at the end......

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Rated PG-13 | For Sexuality, Brief Strong Language, Smoking and Thematic Elements