Just another Anti-America Michael Moore propaganda flick. Hollywood hate President Bush...we get it.

By Jaycee5
Written March 30, 2008
But wait...Michael Moore didn't direct this one. Oh well...he might as well have. Not only is this movie an inaccurate description of "Stop-Loss", members of our military are portrayed as a bunch of drunks, punks, buffoons, murderers and incompetents. I had high hopes for this movie. It turned out to be just another anti-war statement. Jeez...why can't Hollywood make a movie that isn't one big "I'm so edgy because I hate America" liberal pity party. It seems that the motion picture doesn't even try to hid their contempt for the American Military. Remember when movies were entertainment? Those of lower intelligence will call this movie "thought provoking" and "a wake up call". STOP-LOSS is neither. It caters to the uninformed, unintelligent dim wits...and wrrst, it's just bad On the other hand ... Osama Bin Laden loved it...gave STOP-LOSS 4 1/2 turbans Al Jazeera says, "a thought provoking wake up call...a must see". Al Quaeda says, "LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA BOOM
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Biased Garbage.... I am anti agenda left or right!

By Jedi_Mind_Trick
Written March 29, 2008
For all you whining sniveling liberals out there this is your movie. Big bad "EVIL" America holds a soldier, who fully knowing AT HIS TIME OF ENLISTMENT , to his contractual agreement with the United States Army. Guess what thats eight years folks! How dare they! The scenes of PTSD these guys had was extremely touching. Its a tough job and war is awful I wouldn't want to go back with my my hands tied either. The acting was ok at best up to the point where I walked out about an hour into the movie. I'd have walked out if it was a bunch of right wing garbage as well. Thank President Clinton for downsizing our military during his presidency. Thats the true reason your watching movies like this. We DID have a large enough military to rotate soldiers in this war until he gutted it. Research, read, and think for yourselves people. Don't let Hollywood do it for you. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!
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By jpagel
Written April 03, 2008
I could not believe how many people talked about how unfair the government is or that they can do this to soldiers. The movie lies about what stop-loss is and how it works. You can't be sent back until you've had 12 months stateside. Also, the line in the movie about him fulfilling his contract and expecting the army to do the same is a lie. EVERY soldier's contract is no less than 8 years, the only change is how many years of active duty they want to go through. The contract also states that the army can stop-loss any soldier. I am a US soldier who just returned from Afghanistan and trust me, it's in there. Soldiers sign these do***ents willingly, nobody is forcing them to do it. I hate to use the word "propeganda" but I don't know how else to describe this movie...it lies to the public with no regard as to who it's hurting in the process: the soldiers. Those who are fighting for the freedom of the actors and director as they rake in their paychecks from this movie.
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Written April 06, 2008
Every soldier is well aware when they get there contract to sign is says in BIG BOLD LETTERS you are contracted to stop loss. You are well aware you'll probaby do 8 years insted of 4. I am so sick of these whiners that act as though they didn't know they would have to stop loss. get a frigging grip. Man up you whiners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's your country you better be willing to die for it.
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painful, affecting, and human

By ignorantleafy
Written April 21, 2008
i left proud of our soldiers and their families. the character we probably feel the most sympathy for is just a girl trying to support a man who has suffered--however she can, and when you leave you'll find yourself hunting down soldier-support groups like anysoldier.com... what you won't leave with is a partisian guilt trip. some less-than-amazing directing, script, and casting choices (i'm looking at YOU channing tatum) drag the movie down a bit, but you won't be bored. worth seeing. and i'm a hard sell.
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