Stop-Loss Synopsis
A soldier (Ryan Phillippe) refuses to return to Iraq when the U.S. military calls him back to duty.
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Just another Anti-America Michael Moore propaganda flick. Hollywood hate President Bush...we get it.

By Jaycee5
But wait...Michael Moore didn't direct this one. Oh well...he might as well have. Not only is this movie an inaccurate description of "Stop-Loss", members of our military are portrayed as a bunch...

Biased Garbage.... I am anti agenda left or right!

By Jedi_Mind_Trick
For all you whining sniveling liberals out there this is your movie. Big bad "EVIL" America holds a soldier, who fully knowing AT HIS TIME OF ENLISTMENT , to his contractual agreement with the...


By jpagel
I could not believe how many people talked about how unfair the government is or that they can do this to soldiers. The movie lies about what stop-loss is and how it works. You can't be sent back...


Every soldier is well aware when they get there contract to sign is says in BIG BOLD LETTERS you are contracted to stop loss. You are well aware you'll probaby do 8 years insted of 4. I am so sick of...

painful, affecting, and human

By ignorantleafy
i left proud of our soldiers and their families. the character we probably feel the most sympathy for is just a girl trying to support a man who has suffered--however she can, and when you leave...

If you care at all about what is happening to our country & our men- SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!

This is the most amazing, eye opening movie I've seen in a long time. I remember wanting so much to join the military when I was in school (b/c of an illness I was unable to). All you hear about is...

If you see one film this year, make this the one!

By mandys_284
We went into this movie tonight not knowing what to expect. From what we'd seen from other reviewers, some people walked out after the first 5 minutes and for others it was life changing. We thought...

As a soldier

By scde86
As a soldier who has been deployed and has seen buddies deal with these issues, it hit home pretty well. Aside from a few things, I thought it was a great movie. SPOILER Also, I'm glad that...

If You Support Our Troops-This Will Upset You!

By SlaveToTheCorps
I found this movie to be a bit hard to swallow. I am a 20 year-old female Marine & I have lost 13 friends & 2 family members in this ‘War On Terror’. I don’t know why, but I am still in shock at how...

If you like movies that force you to THINK - go see this movie.

By renomarsgirl1
I have a 13 year old son who wants to join the Army after he is finished with school. Watching this movie forced me to seriously consider what it might be like for him – if we are still at war in 5...

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Rated R | For graphic violence and pervasive language
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Common Sense Media says Mature, violent war drama tackles heavy issues.
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