dreamy munster family but spooky, not funny

By Seric26
Written September 23, 2014
Lots of creepy stuff here, beautifully shot. The trick is not to take it as realism; it may all be one unfolding dream, or told by unreliable narrators, or meant to be taken symbolically. The script is not as strong as the directing or acting, though it has some great ideas that aren't sufficiently developed. But Mia Wasikowska creates an indelible screen presence. She's sort of the same as she was in Jane Eyre, but if that little girl had been spoiled rather than sent to an orphange where she was taught how to behave. Like Jane, she has a crucible to navigate against the challenges of an irascible male and an unreliable female who are, in their ways, as complicated and dark as she is. Everyone else better just keep out of their archetypal paths of collision!
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By Peneflix
Written October 29, 2014
It is March first and to this point “Stoker” reigns as the worst film of 2013! How and why do beautiful, gifted actors prostitute their talents for detritus; meaningless, nonsensical scenarios? South Korean director Park Chan-Wook (“Oldboy”) fills a luscious, enchanting landscape with nothingness... Saving the film from a zero rating is a daunting piano duet, composed by Philip Glass; seamlessly sensual, erotically enticing; fingers entwined, pulsating, caressing the keys, never has intimacy sounded more titillating, sublime, satiated... ONE STAR! For Now…..Peneflix ***For full review please visit peneflix (dot) com!!!
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By SouthernNYCgal
Written November 07, 2013
The way this movie was shot and edited is really startling. I usually don't notice things like that, but here it's really purposefully jarring. Scenes freeze, and rewind and play again. Or they just freeze and pause before playing on. At first it was kinda annoying. I thought it was over stylized in a way that pulls you out of the story. It's hard to suspend belief when someone is playing with the pictures meant to pull you into their world. But after a while, you see that the film's weird and disturbing use of freeze frames and repetition is also telling India's story. And India's story is very disturbing. It reminded me a lot of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. It's a very blunt and unsettling look at a type of person that we all know exists but can't, or don't want to understand. I'm not sure Stoker really helps you understand, but it gives you a very intimate glimpse into their mind.
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By sunshine1295
Written July 31, 2014
One of the worst movies I have seen in a very long time. Surprised Nicole Kidman took on such a stupid role. Slow, Slow and extremely weak story. Also, did I mention a stupid plot? Save your money for Iron Man 3 to come.
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By anarelax
Written September 19, 2014
It was an intelligently put together classic psychopath movie with Nicole looking as stunning as ever for her actual age......Loved it
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