Stoker Synopsis
After India's father dies, her Uncle Charlie comes to live with her and her emotionally unstable mother.
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All Style and No Substance

By pedsarq
This is a great looking movie. Unfortunately, the script is weak and that leaves the director with few options to carry the story to the end. You'll definitely get the feeling that some of the...

The critics were right

By ron smith
This movie goes nowhere slowly with characters you don't care about and an unimaginative storyline. Definitely take a pass. And pass on the DVD as well....

Psychosexual Thriller

By Jimmy George Jones
Very unusual, eerie and bizarre. All the main characters are off the wall. Reminded me of Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks. Artistic, dark, sexy, suspenseful and surreal all at the same time. Kudos to the...


By blynnharris
4 people saw film and thought it was horrible. Acting was ok as was cinematography. Should not be seen by children, young adults or elderly. A must miss...


By murphymcx
Absolutely not for all esp pre teens - but a well directed visually stunning movie. We acted and entertaining. Needs close attention and not a cookie cutter theme - so some will lose interst...

Nature or nurture? What may make a human commit muder?

By Squirrel Dude
I watched "Stoker" last week, and finally have the chance to say, I liked this movie! I had the choice to see this or "GI Joe." Speaking only for myself; I made the correct decision! This is an...

Virtually Suspenseless

By Cinebear
Weak in the plot department, good performances by Kidman and Wasikowska, but Goode lacked the charisma for the charismatic part... Just added up to very little at the end, although artfully done. I...

Stoker Stinks

By Jonire
The worse movie to be sure ever made by Nicole Kidman. When it was only myself and my friend in the theatre I should have known. The movie was so bad we got up and walked out. Save your $$$ not...

A film lover's film

By divadcarroll
My buddy and I spent over 30 minutes discussing the movie afterwards. From the unique credits to the multiple visual layers to the deliberate development of the characters and plot we found...

dreamy munster family but spooky, not funny

By Seric26
Lots of creepy stuff here, beautifully shot. The trick is not to take it as realism; it may all be one unfolding dream, or told by unreliable narrators, or meant to be taken symbolically. The script...

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Rated R | For Disturbing violent and sexual content
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Common Sense Media says Stylish but gruesomely violent thriller riffs on Hitchcock.
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