A non scary and predictable horror film

By baileygiannini997
Written June 18, 2014
This film was terrible, because it features bad acting, the script is directed in the wrong direction as well as the cast and the writing was terrible as well. The cinematography is shot very raw and dark, to dark, especially for children. The film is terrible from beginning to the end. I think that Hollywood has officially run out of good ideas and they're now just making crappy films for the horror genre. This is the only film so far that is worse than Halloween II (2009) aka. H2. That one was very bad. This horror picture is so bad that now I want to take a break from the horror genre. There's no attachment between the audience member watching the film and the film drawing the audience member into the film. I was bored and only finished watching this movie so I could do a movie review on it so I could tell everyone else as a film critic to avoid this one. Stitches is a horrible film and I don't recommend that anyone sees this horror film.
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By lucaspatterson98
Written April 01, 2013
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