It just gets better with age

By marge6488
Written July 30, 2013
James Cromwell and Genevieve Bujold have created magic with this warm, sometimes sad, but always loving movie. It is a story of family, frustrations, friends and treasuring each day as it comes. This is a MUST GO, do yourself the favor of seeing it.
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Boomers Rejoice!!!

By pedsarq
Written June 22, 2014
This movie is a revelation to the trials and tribulations of old age. The couple in this film have loved each other deeply for 61-years. They had 7 children, worked a land of 1000 acres, and survived through the generations. The wife's mind and memory are deteriorating rapidly and the husband knows their house of many years is becoming unsuitable for her to survive going forward. The husband has an iron will and sets out to build a simple, practical house that will make it very easy for his wife to move around in and for them to manage in the future. Unfortunately, the building department in the county is riddled with bureaucrats who end up foiling his plans. This is not the type of individual to give up his fight, which is why this movie is so entertaining to watch. The life of an octogenarian couple is complicated beyond belief, and this movie truly gives the audience a feel for it. I was mesmerized.
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Fantastic movie, must see

By IsaDesOsiers
Written August 16, 2013
Genevieve Bujold is one of the most revered actresses in France. Cromwell also has chops. But it is the really well done story that I appreciate as the fight between a cogent and pragmatic approach to the integrity of life is countered by the incredibly maddening aspects of modern day governmental regulation of life, which impacts our personal freedom enormously, as seen in this movie. Corporations literally get away with murder, but the average citizen is often reamed by the picky little rules of ignorant bureaucrats who have lost sight of their true mandate, which is to serve their citizens. The subtext was moving as the marriage of a farming family is depicted at the end of a 61 year long marriage, the fight to stay independent while loving children try to infantalize their fiercely independent parents. So many are living these situations in various ways today. It is rare to see such a touching and heartfelt depiction of life in rural Canada. It is neither maudlin nor kitsch.
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Absolutely wonderful!

By pendever
Written September 27, 2013
Great acting, very affecting story
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wonderful film

By fanofgoodfilm77
Written August 10, 2013
This story is very heartwarming and touching. Deals with love and the onset of Alzhiemers disease. The acting was superb, a must see
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