Steve Zahn
Date of Birth
Nov 13, 1968
Birth Place:
Marshall, MN

Worked With

Year Name Title
2017 Andy Serkis War for the Planet of the Apes
2017 Woody Harrelson War for the Planet of the Apes
2016 Viggo Mortensen Captain Fantastic
2016 Frank Langella Captain Fantastic
2015 Anna Paquin The Good Dinosaur
2015 Sam Elliott The Good Dinosaur
2015 John Ratzenberger The Good Dinosaur
2015 Jeffrey Wright The Good Dinosaur
2015 Frances McDormand The Good Dinosaur
2015 Steve Buscemi The Ridiculous 6
2015 Nick Nolte The Ridiculous 6
2015 Adam Sandler The Ridiculous 6
2015 David Spade The Ridiculous 6
2013 Jennifer Garner Dallas Buyers Club
2013 Matthew McConaughey Dallas Buyers Club
2013 Griffin Dunne Dallas Buyers Club
2009 Jane Adams Calvin Marshall
2009 Rob Lowe WWII in HD [TV Documentary Series]
2009 Gary Sinise WWII in HD [TV Documentary Series]
2009 Josh Lucas WWII in HD [TV Documentary Series]
2008 Linda Cardellini Comanche Moon
2008 Adam Beach Comanche Moon
2008 Rachel Griffiths Comanche Moon
2008 Val Kilmer Comanche Moon
2008 Griffin Dunne The Great Buck Howard
2008 Kelly Ripa The Great Buck Howard
2008 John Malkovich The Great Buck Howard
2008 Tom Hanks The Great Buck Howard
2008 Tom Arnold The Great Buck Howard
2008 Jon Stewart The Great Buck Howard
2008 Jennifer Aniston Management
2008 Woody Harrelson Management
2008 Fred Ward Management
2008 Leelee Sobieski Night Train
2008 Danny Glover Night Train
2008 Ernest Borgnine Strange Wilderness
2008 Harry Hamlin Strange Wilderness
2008 Joe Don Baker Strange Wilderness
2008 Alan Arkin Sunshine Cleaning
2008 Mary Lynn Rajskub Sunshine Cleaning
2007 Jon Cryer Unstable Fables: 3 Pigs and a Baby
2007 Brad Garrett Unstable Fables: 3 Pigs and a Baby
2006 Penélope Cruz Bandidas
2006 Salma Hayek Bandidas
2006 Sam Shepard Bandidas
2006 Christian Bale Rescue Dawn
2006 Jeremy Davies Rescue Dawn
2005 Wallace Shawn Chicken Little
2005 Joan Cusack Chicken Little
2005 Patrick Stewart Chicken Little
2005 Catherine O'Hara Chicken Little
2005 Don Knotts Chicken Little
2005 Adam West Chicken Little
2005 Harry Shearer Chicken Little
2005 Fred Willard Chicken Little
2005 Garry Marshall Chicken Little
2005 William H. Macy Sahara
2005 Delroy Lindo Sahara
2005 Matthew McConaughey Sahara
2005 Penélope Cruz Sahara
2003 Eddie Murphy Daddy Day Care
2003 Anjelica Huston Daddy Day Care
2003 Regina King Daddy Day Care
2003 Paul Dooley Employee of the Month
2003 Matt Dillon Employee of the Month
2003 Dave Foley Employee of the Month
2003 Christina Applegate Employee of the Month
2003 Joe Flaherty National Security
2003 Stephen Tobolowsky National Security
2003 Bill Duke National Security
2003 Eric Roberts National Security
2003 Timothy Busfield National Security
2003 Martin Lawrence National Security
2003 Melanie Lynskey Shattered Glass
2003 Ted Kotcheff Shattered Glass
2003 Chloë Sevigny Shattered Glass
2003 Hank Azaria Shattered Glass
2003 Peter Sarsgaard Shattered Glass
2003 Elizabeth Perkins Speak
2003 D.B. Sweeney Speak
2003 Robert John Burke Speak
2002 Michael J. Fox Stuart Little 2
2002 Nathan Lane Stuart Little 2
2002 Hugh Laurie Stuart Little 2
2002 James Woods Stuart Little 2
2002 Melanie Griffith Stuart Little 2
2002 Geena Davis Stuart Little 2
2001 Vincent D'Onofrio Chelsea Walls
2001 John Seitz Chelsea Walls
2001 Marisa Tomei Chelsea Walls
2001 Christopher Walken Chelsea Walls
2001 Frank Whaley Chelsea Walls
2001 Harris Yulin Chelsea Walls
2001 Kris Kristofferson Chelsea Walls
2001 Tuesday Weld Chelsea Walls
2001 Uma Thurman Chelsea Walls
2001 Robert Sean Leonard Chelsea Walls
2001 Natasha Richardson Chelsea Walls
2001 Richard Sarafian Dr. Dolittle 2
2001 Norm MacDonald Dr. Dolittle 2
2001 Cedric the Entertainer Dr. Dolittle 2
2001 Jeffrey Jones Dr. Dolittle 2
2001 Lisa Kudrow Dr. Dolittle 2
2001 Eddie Murphy Dr. Dolittle 2
2001 Michael Rapaport Dr. Dolittle 2
2001 Isaac Hayes Dr. Dolittle 2
2001 Kevin Pollak Dr. Dolittle 2
2001 Ted Levine Joy Ride
2001 Leelee Sobieski Joy Ride
2001 Maggie Gyllenhaal Riding in Cars With Boys
2001 James Woods Riding in Cars With Boys
2001 Lorraine Bracco Riding in Cars With Boys
2001 Drew Barrymore Riding in Cars With Boys
2001 Jack Black Saving Silverman
2001 Jason Biggs Saving Silverman
2001 R. Lee Ermey Saving Silverman
2001 Amanda Peet Saving Silverman
2000 Salma Hayek Chain of Fools
2000 Michael Rapaport Chain of Fools
2000 Lara Flynn Boyle Chain of Fools
2000 Jeff Goldblum Chain of Fools
2000 David Hyde Pierce Chain of Fools
2000 Elijah Wood Chain of Fools
2000 Tom Wilkinson Chain of Fools
2000 Ethan Hawke Hamlet
2000 Kyle MacLachlan Hamlet
2000 Diane Venora Hamlet
2000 Bill Murray Hamlet
2000 Jeffrey Wright Hamlet
2000 Julia Stiles Hamlet
2000 Paul Bartel Hamlet
2000 Liev Schreiber Hamlet
2000 Sam Shepard Hamlet
1999 Lee Garlington Blowin' Smoke
1999 Maura Tierney Forces of Nature
1999 Richard Schiff Forces of Nature
1999 Ben Affleck Forces of Nature
1999 Blythe Danner Forces of Nature
1999 Sandra Bullock Forces of Nature
1999 Ronny Cox Forces of Nature
1999 Paul Dooley Happy, Texas
1999 Illeana Douglas Happy, Texas
1999 Ron Perlman Happy, Texas
1999 Jeremy Northam Happy, Texas
1999 William H. Macy Happy, Texas
1999 Chazz Palminteri Stuart Little
1999 Jennifer Tilly Stuart Little
1999 Geena Davis Stuart Little
1999 Brian Doyle-Murray Stuart Little
1999 Dabney Coleman Stuart Little
1999 Estelle Getty Stuart Little
1999 David Alan Grier Stuart Little
1999 Hugh Laurie Stuart Little
1999 Michael J. Fox Stuart Little
1999 Nathan Lane Stuart Little
1999 Jeffrey Jones Stuart Little
1999 Bruno Kirby Stuart Little
1998 Allison Janney The Object of My Affection
1998 Jennifer Aniston The Object of My Affection
1998 Paul Rudd The Object of My Affection
1998 Tim Daly The Object of My Affection
1998 Alan Alda The Object of My Affection
1998 Nigel Hawthorne The Object of My Affection
1998 Don Cheadle Out of Sight
1998 Dennis Farina Out of Sight
1998 Samuel L. Jackson Out of Sight
1998 Nancy Allen Out of Sight
1998 George Clooney Out of Sight
1998 Viola Davis Out of Sight
1998 Michael Keaton Out of Sight
1998 Albert Brooks Out of Sight
1998 Catherine Keener Out of Sight
1998 Luis Guzman Out of Sight
1998 Jennifer Lopez Out of Sight
1998 Ving Rhames Out of Sight
1998 Michael Lerner Safe Men
1998 Sam Rockwell Safe Men
1998 Paul Giamatti Safe Men
1998 Mark Ruffalo Safe Men
1998 Meg Ryan You've Got Mail
1998 Dabney Coleman You've Got Mail
1998 Greg Kinnear You've Got Mail
1998 Jean Stapleton You've Got Mail
1998 Dave Chappelle You've Got Mail
1998 Parker Posey You've Got Mail
1998 Tom Hanks You've Got Mail
1997 Giovanni Ribisi SubUrbia
1997 Parker Posey SubUrbia
1997 Bonnie Hunt Subway Stories
1997 Gregory Hines Subway Stories
1997 Rosie Perez Subway Stories
1997 Jerry Stiller Subway Stories
1997 Mercedes Ruehl Subway Stories
1997 Denis Leary Subway Stories
1997 Christine Lahti Subway Stories
1997 Anne Heche Subway Stories
1997 Lili Taylor Subway Stories
1997 Michael Rapaport Subway Stories
1996 Eliza Dushku Race the Sun
1996 Halle Berry Race the Sun
1996 Kevin Tighe Race the Sun
1996 James Belushi Race the Sun
1996 Rita Wilson That Thing You Do!
1996 Alex Rocco That Thing You Do!
1996 Kevin Pollak That Thing You Do!
1996 Tom Hanks That Thing You Do!
1996 Charlize Theron That Thing You Do!
1996 Giovanni Ribisi That Thing You Do!
1996 Paul Feig That Thing You Do!
1996 Liv Tyler That Thing You Do!
1995 Jason Robards, Jr. Crimson Tide
1995 James Gandolfini Crimson Tide
1995 Ryan Phillippe Crimson Tide
1995 Gene Hackman Crimson Tide
1995 Denzel Washington Crimson Tide
1995 Rick Schroder Crimson Tide
1995 George Dzundza Crimson Tide
1995 Viggo Mortensen Crimson Tide
1994 Swoosie Kurtz Reality Bites
1994 Anne Meara Reality Bites
1994 John Mahoney Reality Bites
1994 Kevin Pollak Reality Bites
1994 Winona Ryder Reality Bites
1994 Jeanne Tripplehorn Reality Bites
1994 Ben Stiller Reality Bites
1994 Janeane Garofalo Reality Bites
1994 Renée Zellweger Reality Bites
1994 Keith David Reality Bites
1994 Joe Don Baker Reality Bites
1994 Ethan Hawke Reality Bites
1993 Frederic Forrest Rain Without Thunder
1993 Ming-Na Wen Rain Without Thunder
1993 Graham Greene Rain Without Thunder
1993 Jeff Daniels Rain Without Thunder
1993 Betty Buckley Rain Without Thunder
1993 Linda Hunt Rain Without Thunder
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