Steve Pink

Worked With

Year Name Title
2001 Christopher Walken America's Sweethearts
2001 Stanley Tucci America's Sweethearts
2001 Billy Crystal America's Sweethearts
2001 Alan Arkin America's Sweethearts
2001 Julia Roberts America's Sweethearts
2001 John Cusack America's Sweethearts
2001 Hank Azaria America's Sweethearts
2001 Catherine Zeta-Jones America's Sweethearts
2001 Seth Green America's Sweethearts
1997 Joan Cusack Grosse Pointe Blank
1997 Hank Azaria Grosse Pointe Blank
1997 John Cusack Grosse Pointe Blank
1997 Barbara Harris Grosse Pointe Blank
1997 Dan Aykroyd Grosse Pointe Blank
1997 Alan Arkin Grosse Pointe Blank
1997 Minnie Driver Grosse Pointe Blank
1992 Alan Rickman Bob Roberts
1992 Gore Vidal Bob Roberts
1992 Lynne Thigpen Bob Roberts
1992 Pamela Reed Bob Roberts
1992 Jack Black Bob Roberts
1992 Brian Doyle-Murray Bob Roberts
1992 Tim Robbins Bob Roberts
1992 Helen Hunt Bob Roberts
1992 Bob Balaban Bob Roberts
1992 Peter Gallagher Bob Roberts
1992 Fred Ward Bob Roberts
1992 John Cusack Bob Roberts
1992 Giancarlo Esposito Bob Roberts
1992 Ray Wise Bob Roberts
1992 Fisher Stevens Bob Roberts
1992 David Strathairn Bob Roberts
1992 Susan Sarandon Bob Roberts
1992 James Spader Bob Roberts
1988 Tate Donovan Dangerous Curves
1988 Elizabeth Ashley Dangerous Curves
1988 Robert Stack Dangerous Curves
1988 Robert Klein Dangerous Curves
1988 Leslie Nielsen Dangerous Curves
1986 Kevin J. O'Connor One More Saturday Night
1986 Ted Levine One More Saturday Night
1986 John Cameron Mitchell One More Saturday Night
1986 Maria Conchita Alonso Touch and Go
1986 Ian Hendry Touch and Go
1986 Michael Keaton Touch and Go
1985 Tim Robbins The Sure Thing
1985 Viveca Lindfors The Sure Thing
1985 John Cusack The Sure Thing
1985 Fran Ryan The Sure Thing
1985 Anthony Edwards The Sure Thing
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