Steve Jobs: The Man In The Machine Synopsis
In Steve Jobs: The Man In The Machine, Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney presents a critical examination of Jobs, revered both as an iconoclastic genius and denounced as a barbed-tongued tyrant.
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Eye opening

By ecgregg
Initially thinking that a 2 hour documentary on Steve Jobs would be nothing new, I quickly found that I was totally wrong. Wrong about the film and definitely wrong about "the Man". This was a well...

Mostly unflattering and fails to understand Jobs

By markcgreer
It might be unfair that I'm penalizing this documentary with only 3 stars as the film quality, editing and content freshness are quite good. Maybe I shouldn't complain that the director fails to...

Cheaply made movie

By mikescarpenter
Wasn't for sure what this was going to be like. Turns out it's just a badly produced docu drama by cnn films....

Good documentary on Jobs, but.... a bit short!

By sbt427n
Thru this doc, we gained insight into his talent, which was the intention of the maker to begin with? Other than that? We read of so much in the written media how he treated his employees and...


By smacfly4u
We are reminded of the brilliance and arrogance of this man gone to soon. It's easy to forget who made it possible for us to text, listen to music and dance in the street all at the same time....

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