Steve Antin

Worked With

Year Name Title
1998 Lucinda Jenney NYPD Blue: Hammer Time
1998 Terrence Howard NYPD Blue: Hammer Time
1997 Nina Foch 'Til There Was You
1997 Christine Ebersole 'Til There Was You
1997 Michael Tucker 'Til There Was You
1997 Jeanne Tripplehorn 'Til There Was You
1997 Sarah Jessica Parker 'Til There Was You
1997 Dylan McDermott 'Til There Was You
1997 Jennifer Aniston 'Til There Was You
1997 Karen Allen 'Til There Was You
1996 Roddy McDowall It's My Party
1996 Olivia Newton-John It's My Party
1996 Bronson Pinchot It's My Party
1996 Marlee Matlin It's My Party
1996 Sally Kellerman It's My Party
1996 Nina Foch It's My Party
1996 Eric Roberts It's My Party
1996 Lee Grant It's My Party
1996 George Segal It's My Party
1996 Bruce Davison It's My Party
1996 Gregory Harrison It's My Party
1996 Margaret Cho It's My Party
1996 David Margulies NYPD Blue: Yes, We Have No Cannolis
1995 Bill Macy NYPD Blue: Dirty Socks
1994 Jake Busey S.F.W.
1994 Stephen Dorff S.F.W.
1994 Tobey Maguire S.F.W.
1994 Reese Witherspoon S.F.W.
1994 Natasha Gregson Wagner S.F.W.
1993 David Warner Drive
1993 Sofia Coppola Inside Monkey Zetterland
1993 Martha Plimpton Inside Monkey Zetterland
1993 Sandra Bernhard Inside Monkey Zetterland
1993 Ricki Lake Inside Monkey Zetterland
1993 Katherine Helmond Inside Monkey Zetterland
1993 Rupert Everett Inside Monkey Zetterland
1993 Patricia Arquette Inside Monkey Zetterland
1993 Tate Donovan Inside Monkey Zetterland
1990 Djimon Hounsou Without You I'm Nothing
1990 Sandra Bernhard Without You I'm Nothing
1989 Lance Henriksen Survival Quest
1989 Brooke Bundy Survival Quest
1989 Dermot Mulroney Survival Quest
1989 Catherine Keener Survival Quest
1989 Wesley Snipes Vietnam War Story: The Last Days
1989 Dr. Haing S. Ngor Vietnam War Story: The Last Days
1988 Kelly McGillis The Accused
1988 Jodie Foster The Accused
1987 Leon Isaac Kennedy Penitentiary 3
1985 Sean Astin The Goonies
1985 John Matuszak The Goonies
1985 Robert Davi The Goonies
1985 Josh Brolin The Goonies
1985 Martha Plimpton The Goonies
1985 Anne Ramsey The Goonies
1985 Curtis Hanson The Goonies
1985 Joe Pantoliano The Goonies
1985 Newt Arnold The Goonies
1982 Mel Welles The Last American Virgin
1982 Rosemary Murphy Quincy, M.E.: The Mourning After
1982 Skip Homeier Quincy, M.E.: The Mourning After
1981 Susan Strasberg Sweet Sixteen
1981 Patrick Macnee Sweet Sixteen
1981 Larry Storch Sweet Sixteen
1981 Henry Wilcoxon Sweet Sixteen
1981 Michael Pataki Sweet Sixteen
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