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Step Up Revolution

By patticakeski
Written August 23, 2012
Typical story, typical characters, ok acting. Dancing was good.
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Step Up Revolution Movie Review

By Asianfreak
Written June 30, 2013
38 out of 100 Lots of cool dance moves but the plot is lazy and the dancing off-screen, you will just fall asleep.
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By iReview_movies
Written October 12, 2012
Your typical dance movie?? Yes & No. There is plenty of dancing but I actually enjoyed the dancing and the characters in the movie.
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Step Up

By Movie-Girls
Written August 04, 2012
Predictable, but good. Great dancing.
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By TeamEdward601
Written August 13, 2012
I went to the movies twice to see Step Up Revolution and it was just as Awesome the second time as it was the first! The dance moves are off the hook. The idea that THE MOB was protesting to keep their community was something completely different from other Step Ups. I think this and the first Step Up are the best! Besides the dancing, the story line kept you interested throughtout the movie. This was Ryan Guzman's first movie and he did an AMAZING job! Plus He is completely Hott! :)
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