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Step Up Revolution Synopsis
A young woman strives to be a professional dancer in Miami.
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If you like dancing

By jalford999
A must see. I see 90% of all movies when they come out. This movie just made me feel so good about life. Dancers are special people....

Movie is even better then trailer.

By OneSmallOpinion
Loved this movie. Best dance movie I have seen in a very long time. I can honestly say this movie made my personal top ten list of good dance movies and let's just say I am 40 + This movie...

step up to the ticket window and go

By ywsf
this movie was great. amazing dancing of course, but a great storyline, friendships, love, community. it all came together in a really good way. people applauded in the theatre when it was over....

Loved it

By ErikaVera
If you feel that some movies don't have enough dancing, you will not be disappointed when you see this one. I would totally see it again :)...


By princessamasana
Watching all the previous Step Up movie, seeing this one was a Must. I kind of been a skeptic because some sequels to the original movies are not as good as the original one, but this one is the...

It was worth watching..

By ljcgonzalez
This one shines from all the other parts. I went to see it with my daughters 7 and 9 and we all loved it and want to see it again...great cherography.....the plot was different....audience applauded,...

Excellent Movie. You Have to go See this.

By donczar56
If you like Choreography and like dance, you will absolutely love this movie. Adam Shenkman never ceases to amaze me with his brilliant Choreography, Directing and his upbeat and positive attitude...

Great Movie

By Amacyn
This movie is AWESOME! I loved every second of it. There's something for everyone, if you are a dancer, you will love the moves in this movie. If you are a car enthusiast, you will enjoy the cars...


By Dcsmovies
All I can say is awesome. Went with my 12 year old daughter and one of her friends and we totally loved It! My kind of movie....

Step Up Revolution

By nlsr1963
Loved the dance sequences - outstanding and creative at best! Has you moving in your seat. Story line is for all ages; but typical romance with complications involved....

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Rated PG-13 | For Language and Some Suggestive Dancing
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Common Sense Media says Dance movie is formulaic but boasts some fun sequences.
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