It was great!!

By tiffnjas
Written September 29, 2016
I love dancing so this movie was full of dance original sequences and me and my daughter loved it. It was not cheesy at all and the story line was great. The best version of the Step it up series in my opinion. My favorite scene was the black suits dancing on the escalator. Soo cool!!!
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Fun Dance Movie

By Washu-ai
Written December 09, 2016
The lead guy was a bit stiff, but that's because he's just not as diverse a dancer, but when he's in his niche, you get why he's so stiff and can't fault him for it. I'm a bit bummed you don't get to see sexy latin artist guy dance. Found out after the leading lady is from So You Think You Can Dance and she might be my favorite lead in a step up movie, ever. The cars were too gimmicky, even though they were pretty. The falling bills got in the way and didn't always look right, in a bad way. I think there might even have been more and/or better humor in this outing. If you like dance movies, don't miss this one. Dance movies and 3D were meant to be.
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Step Up

By sunnyforever
Written August 04, 2012
This is a great movie with A'Mazing Squared dance sequences. DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE IN 3D. It distorts the beyond fantastic dance routines by destroying the dance lines and making the routines look too artsy to the eyes. This movie should be savored in 2D so you can concentrate on the best dance routines ever, like the Art Museum Masterpiece.
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By abby.madonia
Written December 03, 2016
the dancing in this movie is phenomenal!! the lead female actress was a dancer in the 2011 season of So You Think You Can Dance, Katheryn McCormic, as well as Twitch who was on So You Think You Can Dance as well! the choreography throughout the movie is amazing and very original. i was entertained through the whole movie! this is a must see for all ages :)
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High WOW factor for dancing & creativity

By kspeer311
Written October 23, 2016
I don't see movies like this very often, but there are unbelievable dance numbers in here (both group and individual) that are WHAT? THAT'S AMAZING! Seriously, the correography and great flow to the movie make this an easy one to sit back and just ENJOY. Yes, the plot is that of every romance book or movie, but that's OK--it's just there to glue together very creative, mind-blowing dancing (and a few nice artistic touches by a side character). The movie is evenly paced, nicely edited so that I never felt a moment of boredom, and floated along basking in the visuals - both animate and inanimate. It's a highly creative, fun movie that I have to confess I went to see again with my 15 year old daughter.
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