Coulda Had a V8

By aries1911king
Written July 28, 2012
After having seen the previous 3 Episodes of this Movie Franchise and seeing the trailers I actually had really high hopes for this film's potential. However I left the theatre feeling a bit let down. Though all the of this Saga have had pretty much the same plot, I seriously doubt lovers of this films are ever watch them with the expectation of witnessing some profound message. Lets face it THIS IS A DANCE FLICK so the only idea we need to precieve is the NEED for the characters to dance by all means necessary. Unfortunately however the films leading man was not all that great a dancer and a far worse actor. The typical conflicts were again recycled in this film that being the struggle against THE MAN who wants to somehow steal the dance. This movie serves to again reminded us that GOOD DANCERS DO NOT MAKE GOOD ACTORS. Part 2 was still the best for me because the leading man was actually a great dancer and a fair actor. All in all I could have waited for a Redbox debut of this film.
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Loved it

By mizlee
Written July 29, 2014
The dance scenes are sick in this movie. By far the best and they finally got a decent plot back since the first one. So many favorite dancers in this if you blink you might miss one.
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step-up revolution

By karen2russel
Written July 28, 2012
I love all the step up movies! The dancing is incredible!
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Step Up Revolution in 3D

Written August 04, 2012
Awesome dancing, great music and very cool 3D effects. Storyline was simple and the acting was pretty good too.
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Makes ya wanna dance!

By Md2nurse
Written August 29, 2012
I took my 9 year old to this movie because he is a HUGE fan of the Step Up movies. I just knew for sure I would be bored, uninterested, and basically falling asleep. Boy, I was SO wrong! I really liked this movie. The acting was a bit lacking but the choreography was really good and different. I also liked the concept of a group of dancers dancing for a cause..... Good movie!
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