Step Up Revolution 3D Synopsis
Dancers band together to save their historic neighborhood from a developer.

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Philadelphia Inquirer

This gang of highly skilled dancers (with the guidance of debut director Scott Speer) delivers a sequence of spectacular group numbers that...
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Miami Herald

By Connie Ogle
It's really just a dance movie, interrupted sporadically for PG-13 romance, bad acting, ridiculous dialogue and earnest "let's put on a...
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Slant Magazine

By Ed Gonzalez
The film busts a fierce move but never relishes the unique cultural essence that its gentrifying baddie threatens to snuff out.
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Step Up Revolution is also not a movie you watch for its incredible story and dialogue. The film doesn't even share much connective tissue...
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Boston Globe

Don't roll your eyes just yet. Step Up Revolution, enhanced by 3-D and set in glitzy Miami, is not as cringe-worthy as you would expect...
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New York Post

The dialogue is ridiculous, the acting wooden - but that's not why we go, is it?
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Roger Ebert
OK, OK. They're good dancers, and well-choreographed. You can see the movie for that and be charitable about the moronic plot.
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New York Daily News

By Elizabeth Weitzman
Anyway. Here's what matters: The dance scenes are great. While no more revolutionary than the "political" plotline, the flash-mob concept...
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The Hollywood Reporter

Abercrombie & Fitch model Guzman looks every bit the metrosexual romantic lead, but also makes a credible partner for So You Think You Can...
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USA Today

By Scott Bowles
Revolution tries a few plot moves, but, narratively, it has two left feet.
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By new_health
Though I didn't recognize any of the actors or actresses, this movie kept pace with, and perhaps even out ranked its predecessors. The choreography was outstanding, and I could easily follow along...

Best Step Up ever!

By FrankenFate
This movie is beast! By far the best one ever. Sucks that Moose is only a cameo at the end of it and he first shows up in the middle of the last dance, but hey, Moose being in one part of the movie...

amazing in 3D!!

By Tattoo_Tina
amazing in 3D!! the dancing was amazing. very fun to watch. the story line/love story was ok. I am not a romantic movie kinda girl. But a def must go if you just wanna have fun at the movies...

Wonderful, entertaining dancing, movie.

By shelleyarts
We went with a group to see Step Up Revolution. When we left we all were dancing our of the theater. What amazing dance routines. The 3D views of Miami Beach and all the 3D dancing on top of cars and...

If you liked Step Ups 1-3...

By gadgeTT
You'll love Step Up 4 (aka "Revolution")! As usual, the story is thin and predictable, but the dancing sections are very entertaining and memorable. I'm definitely going to add this to my BluRay...

Hope it doesn't stop here

By Valnomien
It may not have been as exciting as Step Up 3D but it certainly seemed like a movie that had to be told or had to be made I only hope they make another one. The stunts were all sick and so was the...

Step Up Revolution

By MonicaStouffer
We LOVED this movie!!! Incredible choreography, fantastic dancing and a good moral to the story! We ranged from all ages from 8-11-40's-60's Well worth the money and was great in 3D!!!...


By gnatman
If you are a fan of the franchise, this installment will BLOW YOU AWAY!!! We Loved it.Ok, pretty much the same ol' story line, but the dance, and stunts are Off Da Hook!!...

Loved it!

By MKaupu
If you love dance, you'll love this movie. The music was great and the dance moves were awesome. Of course there is the usual storyline... something bad is about to happen and the relationship between...


By rissamissa777
Awesome dancing!! I love how Moose is in this one. There is some pretty bad as* stunts in this movie! It was AWESOME! they had the cameras in the perfect place also!...

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Rated PG-13 | For Language and Some Suggestive Dancing
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Common Sense Media says OK for kids 12+ Dance movie is formulaic but boasts some fun sequences.
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