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oh look! ANOTHER step up movie!!!

By i2isagrl
Written August 19, 2010
airbrush anyone? but seriously though, it's not like the cast was so unsightly that much "image adjustment" was required. they look like modern version of technicolor at some points. okay, so the female lead had some serious wrinkle-issues in the trailers. but it's all good. right? anyhoo... why i'm not going to bash this movie is because it was exactly what it was supposed to be: about 2 hours of eye-candy, amazing choreography, and no real plot. it got to the point quickly enough and ended just when it should have. the characters were just as 2d and the acting just as bland as was to be expected. most, but not all, of the cast members are ACTUAL dancers hand-picked from a variety of sources. although their acting is highly suspect, their dancing is authentic. and that is why the movie actually manages to work. who knew a dance movie featuring ACTUAL dancers, sans credible plot, could be genuinely entertaining?
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Step up 3

By Jcsdude
Written August 07, 2010
I took my girlfriend to see this movie, because she really loved the other 2. This movie is obviously about dancing. Don't expect great acting, and definitely don't expect the writing to be close to decent. It's for people who love to watch intense dance-battles and whatnot. Any age group who enjoys watching new age dancing will enjoy this movie. If you're not into it, definitely skip this one.
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Step Up 3

By Theatreguy
Written August 16, 2010
My wife and I are both big fans of dance. We follow several of the dancing shows on TV. Dancing With the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance to be specific. Since neither show is being broadcast at the moment we decided to get out dancing 'fix' by attending a screening of Step Up 3. I am pleased to report that my dance addiction has been fully satiated. Step Up 3 has some of the best dancing that has ever been captured on film. Although most of the dancing was on the Hip Hop or Break genre there was also some contemporary and ballroom dancing. All of the dancing was of the highest calibre and the cinemotography was state of the art. The story line was a bit on the thin side. Boy dancer meets girl dancer. Hot dancing occurs, passions flare, conflicts arrise, challenges are met and overcome and they all live happilly ever after. But the story is secondary. This is a Dance Movie. And on that point the movie delivers in spades!
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Pure Entertainment

By daisymae18
Written August 16, 2010
While the acting is mediocre and the plot is predictable and basic, the dancing is worth the price of admission. This movie is simply and purely entertainment in the same way that most sitcoms are -- there's really no point in watching them except to zone out and be entertained. It's a Go.
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Written August 11, 2010
I,personally ,can't like a movie with such a bad script and acting,but,the kids' talent is awe-inspiring. seems to me like it's more gymnastics than dancing....but that's just me. Clean and full of dancing and athletic talent. I just like more story in my movie watching.
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