By movie_fanatic10
Written February 21, 2008
This was by far the best dance movie i've ever seen!! i had the chills practically through the entire time!!! i'm in a dance team myself and it makes me want to do the stuff they have in this movie!!! Also the main actress was really hot too haha!! i dont know how anybody could rate this movie bad!!! i recommend this movie to everybody 1,000,000,000 %!!
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My opinion

By movie.superstar
Written January 07, 2008
I think that this will be a good movie because the last movie was really good. I thought it was funny, and had a good rythym. It may have a few cuse words, just like the last one did, but there wern't many. I would reccomend this movie to Tweens to Young Adults based on the last movie. I am definatly rating this movie a must go!!!
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By Pirate rock 21
Written December 06, 2007
i loved the first movie and i hope this one will go oer the top.. can't this movie come out faster..
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What happened?!

By NascarGirl
Written February 15, 2008
Just saw the movie and I have to say that the dancing was amazing and the music definitely made you wanna move. However, I did have some issues with the fact that some things seen in the previews weren't even in the movie (or maybe I missed it????). For example Andy and Sophie never get introduced in the movie and the whole scene in the previews where Chase is defending Andy to Sophie never happens in the movie I saw. There were various other scenes that were missing and I thought that really took away from the movie. I also had a problem when Andy and Chase were on the tree and about to kiss he tells Andy "I bet you really miss her (talking about her mom)" but in the movie I never saw them talk about her mom or her life (only about the streets and MSA). I'm not sure what the director was trying to do, but it fell short. If you like dancing than go see the film, but if you want a better storyline it is probably better to spend your money elsewhere.....
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Step up 2

By littlecutie143ss
Written February 15, 2008
Step up to was soo good the dance was fantastic!!!!!
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